Circle Logo Designs

“In logo design, a circle is usually used to convey stability and stasis. It’s the reassuring shape that says, “we’re here, we’re settled, we’re steady, you can trust us.” – John McWade.

Here we showcase 22 famous logo designs based on the simple shape of a circle.


Here are 50 more Circle based logo designs.



General Electric




Alfa Romeo






Burger King
































Know any other famous circle based logo designs? Let us know in the comments!

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17 Comments For This Post

  1. Roberto Blake Says:

    I think this post was very informative and gives a good background of great logo’s that have been designed in the past. I think the circle approach is something overlooked now a days in logo design. Most logo designers I have seen tend to go immediately for “Web 2.0″ which as an approach I’m fairly against unless it serves the specific purpose, or request of the client and their brand.

    It actually scares me to think of some of what I’ve seen in logo design today, and what has become acceptable, I think the bar needs to come back up, but the problem isn’t just in the design pool. With more and more start up and internet businesses than every cropping up, I think that the client pool is also less educated in what they should be looking for.

  2. Azhaan Shah Says:

    I am a little bit agree with Robert. Now a days the web 2.0 approach is very common in designers but as far my experience of logo designing is concern still clients needs a circle shape logo but in a modern style like using swashes around it or some other helping design elements to distinguish with others.

  3. Dominic Says:

    Personally, I love round logos. And talking about “web 2.0″ … I dont think that a lot of the logos above really look web 2.0 … they may look 3D … but web 2.0 is something negative :D

  4. Silje Says:

    The X-Box logo is also round. Otherwise, a really good job.

  5. Clippingimages Says:

    Sometimes web 2.0 can act rationally … In that sense these logos are well Developped.

  6. Matty Says:

    I love round logos. Great post. From the above my favorites would be VW, BMW, at&t, DELL and BP. Image having all those in your portfolio! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Rit Says:

    Great Post…I think U have Missed The Motorolla (the M in the Circle) Logo..and the incredible Vodafone logo

    but thank u for remembering us the forgotton

  8. Rit Says:

    and obviously The Sony Ericsson logo….

  9. e logo design Says:

    LG is a nice one as well …
    I love circle logos. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Shane Says:

    Great collection of circle designs, my favourite is the Jagermeister logo.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Raphael D Coccia Says:

    My favorite is the fiat logo. I like round logos so much thats how I branded my print business. I hope my logo appears in a blog down the road!

  12. pooshda Says:

    I agree about the Fiat logo, it’s not my favorite by any means but it’s well done and the gradient work is amazing to pull off that life like look. I like a good number of those logos quite a bit, I always liked the subtlety in the depth within the AT&T logo of all logos too.

  13. sharique ahmad Says:

    I want to know the software for circle based logo

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  15. Bruce Hallman Says:

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  16. Bruce Hallman Says:

    I want to know how to make two color logo for my company

  17. Says:

    i like volkswagen logo.

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