I recently came across this great interview with the talented logo designer Luka Pensive, who has an impressive, and quite frankly – massive – logo design portfolio.

Inside this interview I came across a point that I instantly related with and that was to show your clients only your best logo design concept(s)

Quote from Luke Pensive:

I avoid showing off numbers of concepts at once as the client is paying me as a designer to see what’s the best for his business/product identity. My task is to deliver a quality, recognizable and unique logo that conveys the message, not to confuse the client and say “hey, here are your 10 concepts, now pick one” – imagine if you came to a (not computer) hardware shop and said you need a nail and shopkeeper told you “here we have 100 different nail types, choose the one you like and get back to me”. Trust me, even if you picked 10 types, you’d come home with the ones you don’t need.

The point? Only show your best logo design concept(s). You may also find interest in the article how to get your clients to say yes to your designs. Also, have you ever thought about putting your logo on various promotional items?

How many concepts do you usually present to your clients?

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  1. Dave Says:

    Most of the time, I only show one concept at a time, with maybe a few minor variations to that concept. If they hate it entirely, I’ll move on to the next concept. Showing them multiple concepts at the same time makes the process complicated and takes much more time for both parties.

  2. Luke314pi Says:

    I usually present the best four or five logos. Less than that doesn’t seem to give enough options to the client, and more seems to be too many. With that said, I will definitely give a client 10 concept designs if that is what they ask for.

  3. Nathan Sarlow Says:

    Great suggestion. With both web and logo design I only every quote for and present 1 design. On the very rare occasion I have presented 2 logo designs because I felt that both were of equal strength.

    I think the key point is noted “the client is paying me as a designer to see what’s the best for his business/product identity”, so I only present what I feel is the best of what I came up with. I feel my clients trust me to know what works and what doesn’t.

    I will only ever plan to present 2 options if I feel the clients requirements are not in the best interest of the brand. In this case I will generally show them what they wanted, then show them (maybe in concept) what I would suggest as an alternate.

    99% of the time when more than 1 concept is presented, there is 1 stronger anyway, so why waste both your time and the clients time?

  4. Euan Says:

    Thats a big portfolio!!

    I show all of my designs to the client because even if it isnt great, there may be a few ideas or features that the client may like or would like to see implemented into another design.

    It also makes it look like you have been doing a lot of work :P

  5. fini Says:

    Is it just me or..
    Have a look at the logo he did for GSD and then look at the logo of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Coincidence?

  6. Jacob Cass Says:

    Dave, Luke
    Personally, I usually only send one or two refined concepts and if they like the concept I can then refine it. Works for me :)

    I also agree, most of the time there is always one stronger concept.

    I am not sure that making it “look like” you are doing a lot of work is the best way to go… your final concept should be strong enough to reflect the amount of work you put into it but hey, sometimes you get lucky and logos just come to you but you should always explore other options.

  7. Euan Says:


    I was kidding with the “more work” part :)
    i only complete a logo concept if i’m happy with the execution so i suppose i only show a few solid ideas rather than all of my ideas.

  8. Jacob Cass Says:

    Ah fair enough, it’s hard to tell in writing!

  9. Marnie B Says:

    I usually present 3 concepts, the best of many.

    fini: The ecojustice logo actually reminded me a lot of the Fresh ID logo!

  10. Logon Says:

    Best 3

  11. SEOsecrets Says:

    its really give cool concept about logo design

  12. dotub tashi Says:

    i don’t agree with your comment on logo designing tips,as per my knowledge i will rather prefer to give a choise to the client,for eg if you want to buy a t shirt and the shop have only one and if you dont like it,if they have choise you will pick one which you like,,,,there is nothing you get confuse u will pick one which you like…..

  13. Keramikurnen Says:

    I really love the colony.

  14. Albert Says:

    I completely agree with you that people should always shows there best logo design concepts.

  15. ????? Says:

    I usually present 4 best concepts to my client.

  16. Isabella Says:

    I certainly agree, your best work fetches you more good work, gets connected to more good people.

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