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Rand was a “business problem solver and an artist”. In this video, Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) discusses the great, (logo) designer, Paul Rand. Problem solve first, design later. (Via TDC).  Click here to comment.

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  1. Luke Arms Says:

    And yet, Rob Janoff is credited with Apple’s logo?

    Google has me all confused.

  2. Luke Arms Says:

    Never mind. I missed the fact that Steve Jobs is being interviewed about NeXT, not Apple ;)

  3. Charlie Says:

    I like what he says about Paul offering ONE solution, instead of options.

  4. AJ in Nashville Says:

    Still, he did design the logos for IBM, UPS, Westinghouse, Playboy, and ABC; that ain’t chopped liver! And the NeXT logo was pretty good as well. Interesting clip. Thamks!

  5. AJ in Nashville Says:

    @Charlie: Agreed. At that point in his career he obviously felt he’d attained a level of problem-solving that what he came up with was the proper solution. That’s confidence right there! :)

  6. Mike Says:

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