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New Adobe CS5 Logos

New Adobe CS5 Logos

Update 12/4/10: New official Adobe CS5 logos have been released as seen below.

Adobe CS5 Logos

Adobe CS5 is being released on April 12th and to go along with the new version, comes a new logo?

Please note I have no confirmation that this logo is official, it has come from the ‘unofficial’ CS5 blog.

I’ve featured the Photoshop icon as an example of the letterpress effect used for the rest of the current Creative Suite (CS4).

What do you think?

Update 29/3/10: Logo above not official


It looks like there is going to be a second colour added to each icon of the Adobe CS5 identity system as shown above.

Thanks for the tip Rudolf. Via Inspire.

Be sure to check out the awesome new CS5 features if you haven’t already.

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Logo Of The Month: February 2010

Logo Of The Month: February 2010


The winner of Logo Of The Month for Feburary 2010 (from the Logo Of The Day website) is the Processed Identity logo.

Processed Identity is a website that allows designers to share the creative processes used to develop visual brand identities. The site uses case studies, articles and discussions to explore the value of a non-stock solution. The identity is a visual representation of a path or process. The path forms the letter P as well as a question mark, expressing the problem that is solved through the creative process.

Congratulations to the designer Steve Zelle.

What are your thoughts on this logo?

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