A general rule of thumb in logo design is that when you have an original business / product name (ie. Sony, Kodak or Sega) you should keep the design very simple (like all logo designs) and in some cases, this means having no logo at all.

The definition of a logo without a mark / symbol, is a logotype and with a few small, appropriate modifications to a typeface (in this case Gotham Black) you can create a powerful brand identity.

Below you will find a diagram of a logotype designed for a recent client of mine – a business management consulting firm based in Brazil.

In this case, I modified the letters E & L to have angled slopes and to keep consistency, the angles are parallel with the angles found in the letter A , which also has a slight modification.

Beolchi Rangel Logotype

I am in the process of designing the rest of Beolchi Rangel’s marketing material but below you can see how another element has been brought into the design to help create the whole identity.


Have you ever designed a logotype? Did you find it difficult selling the idea to the client?

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  1. dainen Says:

    I did modify some letters of a font to make a logotype for a uni assignment not too long ago. Lecturer didn’t say much about it, though for me the hardest part is finding a good font that would express places values. How do you go about finding the right font?

    Sorry if you’ve already posted on that topic :)

  2. Jacob Cass Says:

    It depends on the project of course – whether it be print, web, logo, etc. but most of the time it comes down to research on the needs of the client.

    I actually have a post on how to choose a font? which summarises it. Thanks Dainen.

  3. Tareq Says:

    I never made a logo without changing the type, at least the spaces between the letters … etc
    Thanks for the article and i like the logo, good work as usual.

  4. dainen Says:

    Thanks Jacob, that really helps.

    I will remember to take into account the end products characteristics – one important matter I’ve probably missed out a few times. The link to is also great.

    Keep the articles coming. Thanks for being a great source of information :)

  5. Mark Bowley Says:

    Hi Jacob, yes I’ve done quite a few logotypes and it’s always a tricky balance. If you’re too subtle the client will wonder what you’ve done for your money (ie just typed out their name) and if you go too far the original elegance and balance of the typeface will be lost while trying to make a brand out of it. Good design is somewhere in the middle isn’t it?

  6. Jacob Cass Says:

    No worries Dainen.

    Yes, balance, in combination with what you are trying to communicate is the key… though balance is not always essential.

    For this particular logo, I first presented some logo concepts (not logotypes) which were valid solutions but in the end, I felt the logotype was the best decision and thankfully the client agreed (with a bit of persuasion / educating).

  7. Gareth Coxon - Dot Design Says:

    Like it, though I’m seeing quite alot of the use of Gotham around, it is a fantastic font

  8. Gerard Syms Says:

    Hello, Jacob. For the short time – very short, relatively speaking- that I’ve put into identity work and graphic design, I discovered your site early on and I do appreciate your knowledge, experience and helpfulness. I’ve bookmarked and refer to some of your past posts(Ultimate List of Best Logo Design Resources, Jeff Fisher’s Interview and 99 Graphic Design Resources).
    In that vein, I was pleasantly to discover Logo of the Day and just recently, this blog. And now, look what you’ve gone and done! This post, though succinct, has loads of great advice for a noob.
    Thanks much and keep up the good stuff!

  9. Jacob Cass Says:

    Glad to be of help Gerard, I am sure you will pass on your knowledge once the time comes.

  10. Money Says:

    I was always under the impression that a logo is necessary to make the brand memorable. Logotypes seem to be catching on in the market, and I am quite impressed by the designs I am seeing.

  11. Alessandro Mingione Says:

    Logo = mark + logotype
    Logotype = logo – mark ?

    Because there’s a lot of confusion about this subject, especially for starters and even more in other languages.
    For example, in italian, logo is an abbreviation of logotype, and if you are talking about more than 1 logo, you can’t say “logos” (loghi, in italian) but have to stick with “logo”.

  12. Jacob Cass Says:

    Hi Alessandro,
    A logotype is essentially a logo made out of type which in itself creates the logo. Check out this post on types of logos for further clarification.

  13. Logo Design Services USA Says:

    This is depends on project for designer is going for. Thank you very informative article.

  14. Albert Nomano Says:

    Nice article..I tell my friend to read this and bookmark..

  15. Logo Design Monster Says:

    Great typography skills and the end result looks fantastic. This was a really interesting post to read especially with the highlighted logo type changes. Thanks for sharing, great work.

  16. logodesigner Says:

    did like the above, logo. would like to design equally good logos. good job

  17. Craig Says:

    Thanks for going through the design process for the Beolchi Rangel logo, Thanks!

  18. anonymous Says:

    how do you give the letters the angled slope and delete the horizontal line in the a?

  19. Robert Says:

    I find it really hard to create type only logos. I think it really is hard to do well because you have such a limited range of design options to work with (i.e. you cannot include a symbol which will make the logo memorable, you have to make the typeface speak for itself). I am always impressed when I see a good logotype for these reasons, it certainly takes skill to do well.

  20. Raiza from wedding rings toronto Says:

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  22. Chloe Says:

    Thanks so much for highlighting the importance of details such as kerning and custom type modifications. Makes all the difference! I’ve created an article on five key points to follow when creating a logo from scratch. Enjoy!

  23. John Langdon Says:

    Bad Kerning! Really bad!

  24. John Langdon Says:

    Bad kerning. Really bad kerning.

  25. Autor Says:

    It looks easy. But just because profession is behind.

  26. My site Says:

    I like the way you tweak the end of E & L to make them look consistency

  27. thiet ke logo Says:

    look simple too, the name of his trademark longish think should take this logo emblem

  28. Delfi Says:

    I tell my friend to read this and bookmark.

  29. mau thiep cuoi Says:

    This logo design quite simple, the brand name is long too, so if you use it will be difficult to remember logo letters rather than the idea, I suggest to use this logo symbolizes

  30. Kwick Says:

    Im always changing shape of the letters when I am doing logos, thanks for the article

  31. Kwick Says:

    I am always changing shape of the letters when I am doing logos, thanks for the article

  32. thiep cuoi gia re Says:

    I see this logo quite simple too, and it’s a bit messy, I do not like it very much

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  34. Sofie Chandra Says:

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  35. Athar Says:

    Creating a logo type is difficult task for beginners but don’t worry we are presenting in from of you

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