So you want some business card design inspiration? Well here you have 400 creative and beautiful business card designs all on one page. Enjoy this 20mb load!

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Business Card Inspiration

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  1. Glenn Says:

    sir i have just twit about this post.. wish i will win on this contest.. i want these beautiful card designs. :)

  2. Andre Says:

    These are some really great looking designs. Thanks for showing them to us.

  3. marc thom Says:

    liking philip lester (dreamten.com)!! some great cards here. good work

  4. Sean Says:

    Love the Ingrid Design card, very bold with nice use of positive and negative space! Love the nice idea of taste chocolate and InterFuel.

  5. omipit Says:

    wow, the biggest collection
    really nice

  6. Aaron Says:

    Sigh. I love the site and I know this post was a lot of effort, a whole lot of effort…

    … it just annoys me how quantity crammed these types of design posts are getting. With your design expertise, I’d rather see a smaller post that focused on the how’s and why’s of the each business card design. Now THAT would truely be helpful and set you apart for everyone else.

    As it stands all someone (like smashingmagazine) needs to do is copypaste this collection and add just one design – and they have bested all your “hard” work here. And the loop will repeat, till we have posts with 1,001+ of the best business cards with over 90% the designs being recycled over and over again.

    I hope you (and others) see my point.

    Thanks though, the post (as much as a dislike this format) was helpful.

  7. Marc Says:

    wow some of these look like they could be costly to produce, i wish my clients would agree to such a budget. A fantastic display of a designers worth.

  8. Robin Johansen Says:

    There are quite a few very impressive business-cards her, hard to choose a favorite, but I really enjoyed the simplicity of Jose Antonio Contreras.

    I recently saw this design: http://www.storedyret.com/foru.....hp?id=1298 – on a norwegian forum, formed like a medicine package.

  9. hd-J Says:

    Aaron’s got a point. I would like to tell you what’s my favourite among all these, but there are too many great designs to be able to choose! I chose to tweet about the contest however, that’s the least I can do!

  10. Jacob Cass Says:

    I do see the point you are trying to make and I agree with you whole heartingly however people do these posts for mostly one reason… traffic. Posts like these bring in a steady stream of traffic over a long period of time and they are an easy way to build up a starting blog (such as this). But in saying that, this blog will not be turning into a list blog… there are some great articles just around the corner so stay tuned.

    Cool card indeed! A bit depressing but a good idea.

    Thank you and also see my comment to Aaron.

  11. Erin Says:

    I love the Emmi Salonen one. It is so simple but so neat at the same time. Wish I had thought of that!!!

  12. Kristin Andrews Says:

    Alvena’s (toward top) would be so appropriate for David Airey.

  13. Stephanie Says:

    I twittered.

    is my fave.

  14. Marta Ferreirinha Says:

    Wow, so many great ideas! I especially like cards that play around with different textures or use an original shape, like Lindsey Casabella’s stylist comb. It’s almost impossible to choose a favourite, but I guess that that one is among them. Using unusual items such as coupons, price tags, seethrough materials and even rubber are great, innovative ideas. An awesome source of inspiration for someone who’s thinking of creating their first ever business card!

    Congratulations Jacob!

  15. Jon Says:

    I love the four seasons one. Seems fairly generic, but the vibrant colors make it stand out to me

  16. Sasha Says:

    Simply amazing! Thanks so much for all the work you surely must have put into this post.

  17. Josh of Cubicle Ninjas Says:

    Sincere thanks for featuring our cards! :D

  18. Gene Says:

    Wow! That is a lot of cards. Nice work.

  19. Timothy Says:

    Cool list. Def some good ones in there

  20. Cha Says:

    I love the Montage and Scott Roberts Designer. Simple but elegant, very clear text, solid colors, easy to read for those who have big glasses and most importantly the quality of the paper to look more professional.

  21. Jeremy Says:

    Thats one giant list! Thanks for putting it together, must have taken a pretty long time…

    My fav is the wooden one (2nd from the top). That’s pushing the limit of textures to a different meaning.

  22. Jessica Says:

    Oops, that link didn’t work. I like the ones with the man and woman whose hair is cut out.

  23. Barry Napier Says:

    Too many to choose from! I’d say the red splash design about quarter of the way down. Amazing!

    Also, I twittered this as well (username bnapier)

  24. netgeek06 Says:

    Wow! Jacob, How long did it take you to compile this list. Some of them are very creative business cards. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Pattie Cordova Says:

    I tweeted! Loved the post – great inspiration


  26. gilles Says:

    hi jacob,
    at least 7 business cards are present twice…

  27. Dani L. Says:

    Wow, there sure are some inspiring cards there!
    I think my favorites would have to be the pop-ups…or the stretchy card for the personal trainer – what an intelligent concept.

  28. Cayo Medeiros aka. yogodoshi Says:

    I think that MV Design card is my favorite!
    Awesome depth effect!

  29. Eduardo Ascencio Says:

    Gran colección de tarjetas, si me permites linkear algunas a mi blog.

    Saludos desde Chile.


  30. daniel Says:

    these are some great designs! thanks for posting them.

    i like the designs that break out of 2d (the person with oversized sunglasses, the matchbook, the funny moustache). my personal aesthetic tends towards more spare designs, though – among my favorites are emmi salonen, jose antonio contreras, and jim profitt.

  31. Printing blog Says:

    Wow what a huge list. Thanks (still loading all 400!)


  32. Steve Robillard Says:

    I would use them to promote a new blog

  33. Henrik Says:

    Lovely collection of business cards — I’ve already got inspiration and an idea for a clear business card design; time to get crackin’!


  34. David Hanger Says:

    These are definately fun – It almost makes me wish I was a card designer. I often watch good TV commercials and think, I could have done better than that, or how clever, I wish I would have thought of that.
    Very nice works.
    Alrady40 sent me here to look and I’m glad I stopped.

  35. Kathleen Says:

    Mike 7 was amazing and compelling- stands out in a stack for sure!

  36. Kimberly Winnington Says:

    Amazing designs! It’s so hard to choose just one, but I think the “Taste Chocolate” card is my favorite! Thanks for the post and the contest! I tweeted it out!

  37. Jie Says:

    The world certainly needs another blog post about A Million Inspiring Business Card Designs With Same Pics You Have Seen Hundreds of Times Before

  38. Josiah Jost | Siah Design Says:

    WOW – best resource for business card inspiration EVER EVER EVER. Awesome

  39. Nate Says:

    I thought I’d seen all the business cards out there but I was amazed at some of the new ones on here.

    I still think my favorite is the “Four Seasons” card.. sharp green hi-res photography of water droplets with the name in a box on the right side.


  40. Farrhad A Says:

    Just tweeted. It’s an awesome contest!

    [email protected]

  41. Harish Says:

    Great contest. Tweeted about it. @harishkrishna

  42. Harish Says:

    Ploc Media and fifth floor are great

  43. Mike Says:

    Nice list, some inspiring and laterally thought up designs in there. I do agree that it was a bit long, especially with duplicate examples. 100 would have been plenty IMO.

  44. Business Says:

    Wow, I can only imagine – Not only have a business card that people won’t immediately throw away, but a card that will get people talking about it.

  45. Business Says:

    Wow, I can only imagine – Not only have a business card that people won’t immediately throw away, but a card that will get people talking about it.
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  46. nodesign Says:

    what a job – design could really do something for us ” et la vie sera belle”

  47. radovan grezo Says:

    upon looking at this page for hours, my eyes are sore.
    well, what did I expect anyway?

  48. Patrick Tomas Says:

    This is a pretty awesome post. I absolutely love business cards and their designs. My favorite one is probably the radio presenter card. It matches the person’s occupation perfectly and is simple in design and execution.

  49. Hillary Says:

    I love the business card with the Google Search bar the most. That’s so smart, and it’ll be even more perfect if clicking “I’m feeling lucky” will take you directly to his website.

  50. Wissenslounge Says:

    What an inspiration! I love this great collection of business cards! My favorite one is the wooden fifth floor card.


    Twitter: http://twitter.com/wissenslounge

  51. Cristyano Says:

    I felt that the transparent namecard deserved to be praised because it comes in extremely handy in fields of work that requires quick small measurements and where time is really precious.

    I personally felt that a namecard should not just be words and design but also of usefulness and convenience.

  52. adri_ Says:

    Hi Jacob !

    Hmmm.. is hard to pick just one card .. I like more then half of them, but if I had to make one for me I would combine Beckavieu, the Colour People, Hello, GDS and BIT.

    And now I’ll twitt your post !

    Have a nice day !

  53. jenni Says:

    Great list! My faves are the ones that have interaction with them, like the Actual Size pop-ups and the cards that double as a ruler. A great way to keep your services in the minds of your clients.

  54. Erik @ Logo Critiques Says:

    Great post! Thanks for taking the time to gather up these examples. Nice source of inspiration also. One of my favorite cards in the group was the Erin Wenz card. I also found the 5th floor card interesting, but was concerned over whether it would easily crack in half when in a pocket or wallet.

  55. Axtar Says:

    Wow, a lot of these cards are simply gorgeous and unique! I really like the one with the tear-away center (for the details) and the stretchy one made me grin. :)

  56. holly glaspey Says:

    I have to say I think it would be appropriate in the context of this blog to have the designer’s name next to their work. It would allow someone to look up more work by the designer if they liked a particular card.

  57. Holly Says:

    I agree with some of the other commenters. There are too many great cards to pick just one. I do like Amelia Lyon’s. It has a handmade feel to it.

    In general I like the designs that play with textures. Either the stock, or embossing. They tend to add a bit more interest, without the need for flashy colors, dies or varnish.

    Thanks for sharing some wonderful examples!

  58. Rick Wolff Says:

    Gone are the days when anybody is going to budget such fancy business cards. These undoubtedly were before last fall, when the economy started to collapse. Hope the designers had fun and got paid well, and the checks cleared. Because those days are over.

  59. Benjamin Falk Says:

    A lot of great cards here, and some nice inspiration when I eventually redo my business cards (Somehow, I am never totally happy with them. Must be something about being a designer.)

    Thanks for the mention in the post! The business cards featured here are my older cards–these are more recent: http://faveup.com/design/8647

  60. Dolce Press Says:

    Thanks for featuring several of our letterpress business cards.

    Love the blog!

  61. Ivan Says:

    I need another day to go through this list – I couldn’t finish it yet. Nice collection jacob – thanks for putting this together

  62. Liee Says:

    I twittered about it already and… I must say I really like all of these here. My favorite would have to be the perforated one with the “Grr” and all the ones with the rounded edges

  63. Kirsten Says:

    Whilst I love a different substrate or an unusual embellishment, a clever diecut gets me every time… orgasmic! Great collection! :D

  64. Shiju Alex Says:

    I too agree with Aron.

    List could have been short and categorized, with some highlights, guidelines or tuntorials.

  65. Stephanie Fierman Says:

    I just twittered about this post! The cards are amazing.
    I particularly like the BRSaunders and Socialuxe cards… but it’s awfully hard to choose.


  66. Brad Choma Says:

    What a fantastic collection. Very smart and on brand.

  67. echofiend Says:

    Lots of great cards to choose from, but I would have to say Viewzi is a beautiful card, as well as rebuiltworld.co.uk

    Im glad I twittered about this too!

  68. echofiend Says:

    As far as some other commentors and what they are saying… most of these cards are the designers own card… I certainly can’t speak for them all, but i am sure that they would not mind you contacting them for a design if you liked theirs.

  69. daphne Says:

    Wonderful collection, some seen before but still stunning nonetheless. Especially love Armin Rosu’s card. A simple depiction but to be able to come to something that brilliant must have been hard.

    I’ve seen wacky business “card” balloons, and those are something else to consider =)

  70. Claudiu Ludosan Master of The Luggage Says:

    Nice collection, I’ve seen most of them before, but not all in pilled in one article. A great box of inspiration indeed!

  71. Keane Says:

    Another great compilation of creative business cards!

    I like almost all the cards. Though, I’m just concerned that some of the cards aren’t portable. Can’t put them in your wallet.

  72. Craig Scott Says:

    Some truly amazing designs and ideas there – but however clever, is the Google/Boston one a good idea? Reproducing a massive company’s logo?

  73. Print Matt Says:

    This is the largest set of business cards I have found so far. Great work.

  74. Matt Says:

    Okay, this is an amazing list although a couple of the business cards are repeated in the list I think?

    I love them all and holy cow some of those would be expensive to print but if I had to choose just one that stuck with me I’d say the divorce one. Not because I love divorce or anything like that but it’s just such a genius idea. Two cards in one… Not to mention kinda funny (I guess not for the couple that gets divorced though! Yikes!)

    A lot of those designs are amazing. Thank you!

  75. Stu Willis Says:

    I am torn between a few of them:

    I like the playfulness of these – especially as they remain recognisable as a business card:
    * David panarelli
    * Kevin zolkiweicz

    simplicity of:
    * Emmi Salonen
    * Adolphus Amissah
    * Destiny guerra

    Of those, Emmi’s is my favourite – because the details are on the front. I HATE having to hunt for contact details on a business card.

  76. Romi Rockstar Says:

    hi mate
    i already twit your this wonderful post and my favorite design are

    1- Justin anonuevo
    2- Erika
    3- Moo Design Studio

    its a very nice and very awesome post and its really helpful for design business card just creative like that so best of lucky everyone
    enjoy your day

  77. Tyson Says:

    A great collection…

    So many great cards to choose from. here is my list of favs.

    phtographer, black card with viewfinder box
    cut out spray paint template
    string around the finger
    fold up car
    tear apart diovorce lawyer
    lush lawn seeds
    personal trainer stretch band

  78. Natface Says:

    They are all so insanely good. Almost impossible to pick a favourite. I think a business card still needs to be functional – i.e. you need to be able to write on it at least a name or number or date… So i’d have to say the divorce lawyer perforated card. Great marketing, as it’s two cards, and simple.

  79. Megan Says:

    the emerson taymor one is ridiculously cool! and therefore, my favourite

  80. Garry Bartle Says:

    I think my favorite and one of the most creative is the divorce lawyer card that tears down the middle. LOL! Hilarious!

  81. Rajita-Business card design Says:

    This is an amazing collections of most beautiful business cards

  82. Callum Chapman Says:

    wow.. never seen a round-up this big!!

  83. STUDIO ded Says:

    Wow! Amazing… The used techniques openend my mind! Great ideas :D
    Thanks for all

  84. Torrie Foster Says:

    All I have to say is that I’m impressed with these amazing work! My next business card design will be just as creative as these!

  85. Vitnuce Says:

    Very, very good business card design..

    How in Vietnam may have a designer like that? Where do you learn your design?

  86. Wow Amazing Says:

    That’s a huge list! I had no idea that there was so much creativity out there! Those cards have to get printed somewhere so take them to http://www.greatdealprinting.com. Upload your creative designs and get your cards printed for a low cost!

  87. David at web design agency oxfordshire Says:

    Great list of inspirational designs! Passed the list onto one of our junior designers to absorb!

  88. nia Says:

    In two words:

    AW – ESOME


  89. saleel Says:

    Great Work. Have never seen this kind of work. Its a good inspiration for many graphic designers.

  90. Fresh Jen Dizzle Says:

    Redoing my card right now! lol THanks!

  91. Logo Bang Says:

    Wow these are all so amazing, it’s kind of overwhelming and makes me want to be more clever in the business cards we create for clients

  92. Brad D Says:

    I have to saw, that that was rather overwhelming. Trying to pick one I like out of there was near impossible, once I thought I had one I would see another. It is fascinating what people do for publicity, metal cards and gimmicks.

    So if I have to pick one, I dunno…Viewzi, maybe, or AEN. :)

  93. name Says:

    hi in the air

  94. Anthony Proulx Says:

    Wow the definitive list for business card inspiration! WOW seriously like tons!

    Way to go! Keep it up!

    I got some more that didn’t make it to your list!


  95. Christina Kouli Says:

    great collection!
    thank you for including mine!

  96. MGdezigns Says:

    Love yr blog , the pics are amazing
    I am a business cards and stationary designer
    you can see my stuff here
    Unique Business Cards

  97. Rogo Says:

    Wow. Fantastic ideas to present oneself. Mine is kind a boring compared to these.

  98. Rasec Novski Says:

    excelente trabajo

  99. Lori Says:

    As a mom, the folding car is ingenious! Would be perfect to give out for play dates!

  100. BeckyA Says:

    All great:)

  101. Frawany Says:

    amazing designs by amazing designers , real creative , never seen as creative as this collection .. thanks

  102. J32 Says:

    Wow this is a huge collection of very good designs you put together here. Thanks alot for this inspirational collection.

  103. PremiumCards Says:

    Oh my gid, that was a lot of scrolling.

    Nice way to see this set.


  104. Muhammad Faisal Says:

    very nice.. huge collection… nice work

  105. mahesh Says:

    Awesome Designs

  106. businesslogodesign Says:

    I like this collection of creative business card designs. And for me graphic designers is so creative and talented in conceptualizing this kind of design .

  107. Clippingimages Says:

    It would be really difficult to choose one from those. Really conceptual and extraordinary designs …

  108. Webme1 Says:

    Blown away by this huge collection of business cards. Will have to go through the display again to really see them all properly. Had to Tweet this link as it is just fantastic. It cannot fail to inspire!

  109. Hurmus Says:

    Great selection!
    You may also like this card – Card soccer:

  110. Matt Says:

    I looked through the massive and amazing list and I could not pick a favorite as there are so many excellent designs here for different reasons. Personally I really like the more natural designs being on card rather than plastics and am also not a huge fan of cards with rounded corners but do like to see unusual shapes. I am bookmarking this page because this is the most creative visual list of business cards I have seen yet. Thank you very much for sharing.

  111. hanna love jackson Says:

    :) omg! freakn nice business card design inspiration. i love running into these sites – it is def will be bookmarked. so i figured i’d share my favorite business card inspirational sites with you all – if there are any other enthusiasts like myself. i’m obsessed! :) you have to check out the following two and the the thir isn’t bad – i use it as a design resource. http://www.cardobserver.com, http://www.tasteofinkstudios.c.....ard-design, http://www.creativebits.org. good luck on your designs – thanks again for this inspiration post!

  112. V O C Says:

    Simple and Elegant Business Cards Smashing Magazine WebDesigner Depot QuickSprout First WebDesigner LogoDesignerBlog Here are some templates to start with if so inclined. These are pretty cool, and very creative…Thanks for share all !

  113. Brandon Corbin Says:

    If you are looking for the best place to print your own cards, I suggest Overnight Prints, they offer the heaviest paper stock and rounded corners. http://overnightprints.comOr if you are looking for something pre designed, there is always Moo, CrackCard or Zazzle

  114. Reinis Says:

    Great to see that people are open to ingenious graphic design for their business cards. These are people that see graphic design as a means for standing out of the crowd.
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  115. Mihir Patel Says:


    Today i searched a lot about business card designs but I never got designs like this. This is amaizing designs which you have shared with us.

    Thanks a lot….Hoping more new business card designs for sample from you.


  116. zbcgs Says:

    God. I like these designs

  117. Rohan Says:

    I asked you to give me a nice design to design a visiting card for my website http://www.exoticgoa.co.in
    and you give me a list of 400 odd cards
    where each one is more beautiful then the other :-)
    now I am confused all over again..

  118. Designerkan Says:

    Really perfect ideas…

    I like too much all of them..

  119. azman Says:

    very good blog..
    this blog inspire me to create a better design..

  120. Bobby Says:

    The wooden card is my favorite, though it’s hard to pick just one. Great post!

  121. Helena Says:

    Good job!!! Really nice cards.

  122. amaizing pack Says:

    Wow, nice pack of business card. Very interesting ideas.

  123. Ghiath Akkad Says:

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  124. Jens Bayer Says:

    Nice! – But one card is missing:


  125. Louai Alasfahani Says:

    this is a great collection. please keep sharing to help raising the bar of creativity by inspiring all of us.

  126. Business Cards Land Says:

    What a great set! Amazing to see what people can do with the same format! Well done.

  127. Hip Hop Makers Says:

    Thanks for including my card.

  128. 100+ Creative Business Card Sample Says:

    This is absolutely a big collection of business cards. Thank

  129. 100+ Creative Business Card Sample Says:

    That is absolutely a big collection.

  130. Alex Says:

    Really great post!
    I haven’t seen some of the business cards featured here around any other site, these are really great and creative. The business card of Jessica Evans caught my eye in particular. Love the overall feel of it and cool colors used.

    I make business card designs from time to time and these are really inspirational for me. I hope i can get as creative as the artists who made these :)

    I also have a website around really cool business cards, you might want to check it out.

  131. izdelava spletnih strani Says:

    Very long post, it was hard to go through, but it was worth it. Nice collection

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    Really great designs …i have selected 2 or 3 for my use

    Thanks to author

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  135. cua cuon Says:

    best collection

  136. Danny the Plumber Says:

    That divorce lawyer card is a little cheesy. Any good ideas for a plumbers business card?

  137. MysteryE Says:

    Wow, thanks for the huge list!
    Btw, I see there are only 390 name cards, not 400. Is that true…?

  138. yaper Says:

    can anyone recommend a print shop where i can get a variety of print options.

  139. Heath Says:

    If anyone is looking for a printer for some of these “premium” style cards we can help. Vivo! Print can do foil, spot-uv, die cut, embossing, etc. and we have great prices. If you are looking for any of these features just let me know ([email protected]) and I would love to get you pricing and help in any way. We also have some of the best prices on all types of standard printing (http://www.vivoprint.com). Please don’t hesitate to ask is you have any questions at all. I love looking at these list but I rarely see any links to places to actually buy them. Thanks for the post!

  140. Richard Heathcote | Voice Over Artist Says:

    Some amazing designs there, really very inspirational! I personally love my cards I’ve just had done, but I think when I’ve used them all up I might change the shape a bit, just to really stand out….. :o)

  141. Paul Says:


    I’m just designing a basic card for my business to get going now, but will definitely be back here for inspiration later. What a great way to get people to remember your business.

  142. kwamkid Says:

    Good idea to design name card.

  143. Andrea leti Says:

    Incredible people for incredible ideas.

    From Italy

  144. Logó Tervezés Says:

    Excellent collection of logos! Thank you for sharing such an awesome collection!
    Feel free to visit me back :)

  145. James Says:

    The collection still gets lots of visits. Good job.

    Check out some of the business cards in our gallery

    There are just a few, but some more are being added soon. You can use them if you’d like. A link back would be appreciated. Actually anyone can as long as there is a link back. Thanks!

  146. Preet Says:

    wow, biggest collection, very good job

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    Really creative designs. I like it because its quite unique and inspirational for others and as well as for me. As a logo designer every one should focus on creativeness and dedication. Keep it up

  148. Nikunj Says:

    Great Collections of some extremely creative cards.

  149. R1soft Says:

    second picture is the best. wood texture and font look like coated on the wood.

  150. xe dap Says:

    oh, it’s very nice!!!!!!!!!!

  151. on ap Says:

    very nice, really helpful for design business card

  152. hao Says:

    Just find another name card design collection: http://www.designswan.com/arch.....esign.html

    You may add these into your post….

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    Great list! Every time I look at business card lists I start getting all these wild ideas for my own.It is worth spending time on your business card to make it creative and memorable.

  155. Eoin Says:

    As a designer of business cards, I am getting loads of inspiration from some of these designs. Thanks :)

  156. firman Says:

    thanks, these design is very helpful … danke shcon ….

  157. Ewa Says:

    Great collection! I love creative projects. :)

  158. John Siebert Says:

    how about clear business cards:

  159. xe Kia Says:

    Nice!!! It helps me having many creativeness in design card. Thanks so much!!! Really helpful

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    I will make another one for myself :)

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  169. CJ Says:

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    “Start taking the prenatal vitamins before you try to conceive. The incidence of birth defects like spina bifida can be decreased by up to 75 percent when daily folic acid supplements are taken prior to conception. I take One A Day Prenatal Vitamins (…

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