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Two former Pentagram designers have teamed up to join forces, announcing this week that they’ve combined their two independent shops into one international company. John Dowling and Rob Duncan, both formerly of Pentagram’s London office from the late-90s to the mid-2000s (the latter also worked at their San Francisco office), have founded Dowling | Duncan, with the first representing the UK and the second in the Bay Area. Dowling’s work you might recall best was designing those handsome Pantone chip books every firm and agency likely has a few, well-used copies of laying around. Duncan, who was a senior designer at Pentagram, and was also briefly at Apple, has worked on projects for everyone from the GAP to the AIGA. Always nice to see two good people wind up together, even if they are separated by a fairly large distance, and we wish them and their new company all the best.

Via Media Bistro

Below are some of their logo designs, my favourites include Hive & Honey, Town MVP, Rebecca Beeson and NCM Interiors.

Dowlng Duncan Partners Logos

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