Logos on Pizza

I haven’t posted on Logo Designer Blog for a while (due to a rather full schedule) but when I saw this, I just had to share.

The National Basketball Association thinks it has figured out what fans are hungry for besides a championship: edible team logos. The league recently signed unusual licensing deals with companies that offer these edible  items – and more.  The pizza logos, made of sugar, starch and food coloring, will add about $5 to the price of a pizza. Via USA Today.

So, hot or not?

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  1. John Says:

    I dunno, while I think there’s a small chance that fans will “eat this up”, the idea of eating a logo doesn’t seem appealing at all. I think our brains won’t be able to get past the feeling of eating “ink”. I know people do it with cakes already, but pizza this seems like an awkward fit.

  2. Glenna Says:

    I thought it was clever until I read that there’s a $5 charge to look at someone else’s promo. That’s a bit much!

  3. indyastaric06 Says:

    good idea.. :D

  4. CJ Says:

    This isn’t anything new really, They have been putting logos and photos on cakes for years now, it was only a matter of time before they moved on to other foods.

  5. Behzad Says:

    I can not eat this, It actually makes me sick.

  6. René Says:

    I can’t see it taking off really, surely people prefer their food to actually look like food?

  7. devarts Says:

    wow . . i think i can’t eat that
    but i like the logo :)

  8. artis Says:

    not quite bad)

  9. logo Says:

    Interesting idea!

  10. Sam Says:

    I don’t think I could bring my self to eat a logo… even if it was on a pizza :)

  11. raxiple Says:

    where do you get the idea? I wish to eat the logo but like behzad said

  12. Greg Says:

    I dunno… if the logos were more… integrated (using colours more befitting a pizza, like orange, yellow, red, etc…) it wouldn’t be so bad. The full-colour version seems a bit unappetizing, though, despite it being flavourless.

  13. DarkNaruto Says:

    Nice logo with interesting perception :) Still like it although I’m not a pizza addict

  14. Chris - logo designer Says:

    I’ve said in the past that I ‘eat and sleep’ logo design but I don’t think I’ve ever actually eaten a logo (does the ‘M’ on M&Ms count?). The logo itself isn’t to my taste so I’ll wait until there’s a different flavour.

  15. OVO Creatives Logo Design Says:

    Interesting idea, however not so effective I’d think.

  16. David Says:

    Good stuff, I like it.

  17. MidasBrand Says:

    If i ate the Knicks one i’m sure i would get an old injured pizza, indigestion, and not make the playoffs for 9 years. 5 extra bucks would just encourage those bums. (can you tell i’m from New York ?)

  18. Custom Logo Design Says:

    It’s been done on cakes for years. I don’t think it would work on a meat lovers pizza!

  19. Logo Design NZ Says:

    From a branding point of view I like it, don’t think I would add it to my pizza though!

  20. Logo Stage Says:

    Great idea, I like it.

    Good luck :)

  21. Abdullah baig Says:

    I like it.

  22. himatography Says:

    nice! I like it!

  23. Eric Says:

    How would something made of sugar taste good on a pizza? Weird combination.

  24. Steve Kim Says:

    it is simple but quite meaning full!

  25. Miroslav Svestka Says:

    After looking at your pizza …
    I’m order PIZZA this evening … Hmmm !!!

    Miroslav Svestka
    President & CEO
    Printing Industry Exchange

  26. Lunet_Clipping Path Services Says:

    I like your pizza logo , really looks good

  27. Du Page Attorneys Says:

    What a way to turn pizza into creative look..

  28. freelancelogo Says:

    I think its a good idea. Could be a great way to advertise your company!

  29. Promovare Logo Says:

    There are no 2011 posts… What a pitty!

  30. logo ontwerp Says:

    THis is a great article where are the 2011 post ?

  31. LogoTemplate Says:

    Very cool article! Pizza’s image is very creative and nice for a logo.

  32. Logo Designs Says:

    Yummy article, well this will be a good initiative for a logo. i thing this should be apply soon.

  33. Custom Logos Says:

    Nice idea but it doesn’t really appeal to me when it is done in such an artificial way. Edible logos are much better when they are done with ingredients that people recognize. A logos on the top of a Latte is something that works well.

  34. Mistures Says:

    What’s this? T-shirt printing with pizza?

  35. Whichdoor Web Design Liverpool Says:

    Interesting idea, very imaginative

  36. Addies @ Logo Reviews Says:

    That’s one of the smartest ways to think, pizza and logo, wow :)

  37. Logo Designs Says:

    Interesting! I love eating pizza in my every meal..and the logo in the page made me crave for a pizza now…but do you think people will love to ear pizza with a colorful logo on it..

  38. logo resource Says:

    great picture and logo, boston picture on the pizza? its make me hungry so much.

  39. Pixeljuice Says:

    Damn, I would not want to have that pizza put in front of me. Advertising reaches into our lives so much, I don’t want it on my food.

  40. Richard Says:

    I didn’t find this idea practical enough for usage. I agree with @Sam in this regard.

  41. website design Says:

    what an idea!

  42. michelle Says:

    Hmmm… Not sure.
    I would certainly be up for trying one, but not keen on the price rise!

    Whatever sells I guess… as long as the novalty doesnt wear off!
    Good luck to them!

  43. James Says:

    I love that idea – not sure it would work for business cards though. It would be like handing out branded coookies with your phone number on them :)

  44. Paul Says:

    Interesting deal :) the logo looks quite good.

  45. DesignFluxx Says:

    Ha, this is awesome!

  46. semanticflow Says:

    Very interesting, cool one.

  47. Toxictaz Says:

    Looks dainty. So the team supporters will have the one with their own team logo or the one with their rivals’?!

  48. ipad3hotnews Says:

    i’m hungry look that logo
    nice work though.

  49. aditi4u Says:

    Testy concept, i like it.

  50. kreativekrayons333 Says:

    This is another great way to advertise your company.I love your idea

  51. tom Says:

    It’s been a while – any new posts in the pipeline? I’ve always enjoyed your blog Jacob.

  52. kamera Says:

    Perfect Logos !!!

  53. kamera Says:

    Intresting logo’s i like it.:)

  54. Asmitha Says:

    It’s really different logo and nice idea.I like it .But I can’t eat

  55. Alicia Skkag Says:

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  56. stephencolbert Says:

    I really like the fresh perpective you did on the issue. Really was not expecting that when I started off studying. Your concepts were easy to understand that I wondered why I never looked at it before. Glad to know that there’s an individual out there that definitely understands what he’s discussing. Great job

  57. Logo Design Says:

    Great post …. i really inspire … keep it up

  58. Sachin Says:

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  59. Shamim Says:

    Great Idea……..

  60. Pandora Says:

    I would eat that. :D Though yes..paying more for someones promotion…

  61. Ben - researching logo design Says:

    I personally love the logo, but it seems like a strange, almost impractical idea.

    I do love this blog, though. A lot to look at and follow. Thanks!

  62. Ben @ Cardprinting.us Says:

    Looks like a good idea, it’s unique and a little out of the box. Although, we can just place the logos on its packages, no need to put them on top of the food.

  63. DesignedInSeconds Says:

    Haha! Great logos. Also check out designedinseconds.com

  64. Matt Smith, modMACRO Says:

    Different… yes. But I like the idea.

  65. Fuelmybrand Says:

    So it will be sweet and salty, wondering how the sweetening effect will effect the taste?

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  67. rachellee Says:

    i like the idea. but dont know if i can do it as well

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  68. logo in the world Says:

    wow.. Boston Celtic is my favorite basket ball team, I want eat this pizza now. Where can i order the pizza? :-)

  69. James Says:

    After the game something like this often motivates people to keep playing as a team ! Quite innovative idea to keep the players inspired !

  70. Chris Prescott Says:

    Although I’m not a Celtics fan, I’d still eat to conquer the likes of this pizza!

  71. logo designing Says:

    Interesting! I love eating pizza in my every meal..and the logo in the page made me crave for a pizza now…but do you think people will love to ear pizza with a colorful logo on it..

  72. Tom Richard Says:

    Really Awesome work, You were did a grate job. on logo design i impress with your work

  73. Green Hat Says:

    Sweet. Love this idea, Any more samples spring to mind?

  74. Abdul Basit Says:

    Good Idea I like it

  75. Abdul Basit Says:

    Good Idea I Like It

  76. vina ilagan Says:

    Basketball team on a pizza.
    Quite a rare and cool idea!

  77. sizzling concepts Says:

    REally great idea to follow, i love it… cheers..

  78. Web Design Houston Says:

    Nice Creativity about the logo…

  79. Cheap Logos Design Says:

    Really impressive designs thanks for sharing.

  80. Coalesceideas Says:

    i will not eat that :)

  81. bobit Says:

    nice logo,
    its hard to eat….

  82. Olivier Says:

    Nice! Let’s have your company eaten by your customers ;-)
    Check http://www.logoguys.ch if you like for some inspiration.

  83. hemant Says:

    Smart idea to come up with. But I honestly think $5 charge would ruin everything as its bit too much. Just my opinion.

  84. Mukesh Says:

    Headers/logo/banner designs! Very cheap and professional!

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    Good work .. Is it vector or not ?

  91. Panknot Says:


  92. Alex fortier Says:

    Adding an extra 5 bucks for something that would rouin my pizza, thats not a very good deal

  93. William Forrest Says:

    It’s a unique idea, but I think it is cool for a logo design

  94. Shaun Marsh Says:

    Great Idea. .

  95. Logo Design Says:

    Really too nice i am loving it, so yummy.

  96. sandy Says:

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  99. Amy Says:

    Fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing

  100. Safi Sarkar Says:

    Every body can see logo have a middle point have a lollypop :D Very interesting logo.

  101. ronald Says:

    that is a great idea for a sports fan on game night.

    i wonder if you could make the logo the size of the whole pizza.

  102. Jenny Says:

    Good idea share by the logo designer

  103. sandy Says:

    wow,great work is done…

  104. Creative Logos Says:

    Ahh!!! I can’t eat this But I must say nice logo. Thumbs up!

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  107. Robin Says:

    Nice pizza logo!how these were made would be awesome!

  108. Richard Says:

    I never thought that this could be an option! will definitely be looking into this! keep up the good work.

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    That is pretty funny but would it not be unappetizing?

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  127. Columbus Branding Says:

    I don’t know about this direction for food in general. I agree with some of the previous comments, eating ink (edible or not) just does not sound appealing. I feel like the audience is either hungry and willing to pay for pizza at a venue or they are not.

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    i will not eat that :)

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    I am so looking forward to that

  138. John Cooper Says:

    I am a pizza addict.. so i like the idea. but really its not tempting :P

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