I’ve recently finished designing a logo for a children’s sign language education program and when I was researching for the project, I found a lot of logo designs based on hands, of which you can find some below. Thought it would be good to share, rather than just sitting on my hard drive. It was interesting to see how similar some of the logo designs were.

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  1. Alex Bergin Says:

    Here’s the old Rett Syndrome Foundation logo…

    They used hands because girls with Rett often hold their own hands like this.

  2. v-render Says:

    wow ..
    this is cool collection.
    are all of these are registered logos of companies or they are just artworks by artists ?
    great work though !
    thanks for sharing

  3. Squarelogo Says:

    I’ve always like the Handi logo design. Designed by the uber-creative folks at

  4. Web Design News Says:

    Thanks For Sharing :)

  5. Jacob Cass Says:

    Not sure about that one V-Render, a lot of these logos are many years old. I doubt that many of them are still in use.

  6. v-render Says:

    you forgot this one ?

  7. LionJ Says:

    wow, good

  8. LionJ Says:

    thanks, good

  9. Rongen Says:

    Here’s more:

  10. Fabian Says:

    Some of these are well done, but most of them are shocking.

  11. David Mendes Says:

    One more :)

  12. David Henderson Says:

    This is great! cool

  13. Preston Lee Says:

    It would be nice to see the one you came up with Jacob. Thanks for the post.

  14. Says:

    Really nice this post…Cool logos!! Thank!!

  15. Matteo Says:

    Great collection!
    Here is another hand based logo I made for an European Cultural Project focused on Gesture:

  16. Jacob Cass Says:

    You can see it in my portfolio, the Sign Learning one. Maybe I should have linked it here, but anyway you can it here:
    It was for an online Sign Language program for children in Spain. The two hands make up an eye and also not so evidently, an ‘S’ in the negative space. There was also a Catalan and Spanish version.

  17. Jacob Says:

    Nice collection. Thanks.

  18. Hardsy Says:

    I think you missed what I would potentially call the best example of a hand based logo there is:

    Let me know what you think, it was one that popped into my head instantly and i’ve just spent about 20minutes trying to find it on LogoPond, hope you like it.

    Hardsy /

  19. Jay Says:

    There’s also the Mozilla SUMO ( logo:

  20. free hollywood movies Says:

    very very nice logos, awesome , :-) thank you for sharing .

  21. Clippingimages Says:

    Very nice logos. :) thanks for posting ….

  22. navapavan Says:

    Amazing work. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Mari Says:

    A very handy list of logo hand designs. Great for inspiration. Thank you!

  24. Heike Says:

    I am just starting my little tiny business and I would love to use the logo with the orange “H” and the two white ends from top and bottom.
    How can I find the owner of the logo or better, how can I get the information, if I can use it?
    Thanks for your help!!! And thank you for the excellent collection.

  25. mary Says:

    excellent collection.thank you for sharing it

  26. LogoOntwerpenGratis Says:

    Nice post, good collection!

    I’m still fan of the Nokia logo, it’s really good!

  27. AvilaJANIE Says:

    People in every country receive the home loans from various creditors, because this is comfortable and fast.

  28. Micha? Says:

    There is also Heyah logo :)

  29. raul Says:


  30. Egle Says:

    Good day! Whome can I contact for rights to use one of the logos? ,) would be grateful for answer

  31. nico Says:

    good collection logo

  32. Sarah Says:

    Awesome collection of hand based logos!! Thanks for sharing!

  33. G springer Says:

    Are these logos free to use for our non profit organization? If we were to tweak slightly one of your designs can we use without trademark issues …ie different colors, different spacing and angles of hands in a circle, added company name, added artistic feature under the logo. The hands in circle concept and the shape of hands would be the same. Please advise. Thank you

  34. Shohel Rana Says:

    Nice collection of hand based logo design. All are attractive. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Awabinho Says:


  36. Atreo jony Says:

    Your hand mate logo Design is beautiful and thanks for this share….

  37. File Downloader Says:

    Thanks for sharing such a pleasant opinion, post is pleasant,
    thats why i have read it completely

  38. Says:

    This contains the 360 diploma views too.

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