Logo Trends 2009

Bill Gardner, the creator of Logo Lounge (my favourite logo design inspiration gallery), has just released the 2009 Logo Design Trends as found by studying the latest logo submissions to Logo Lounge.

It is interesting to note how different they are from the ‘Logo Orange’ 2009 logo design trends.

Past Logo Design Trends:

Below you will find the logo design trends as outlined by Bill Gardner.







Candy Stripe

Candy Strip









Flip Flop

Flip Flop













Minor 2009 Logo Design Trends

Below you will find some minor logo design trends of 2009.







Stained Glass

Stained Glass

3D Curls

3d Curls

Colour Ring

Color Ring



Do these identity / branding trends effect you or your process? Do you agree with these suggestions? Have you noticed any other trends?

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24 Comments For This Post

  1. Callum Chapman Says:

    great stuff, i love the candystripe logo and the recycle logos!

  2. Lio Says:

    Thank you for this amazing collection and all the great work you do :) Pretty inspiring.

  3. Neil Bradley Says:

    Great list. There’s also an increasing number of blogs/design sites using a solid circle with a white icon or text in the center, such as http://siteinspire.net/

  4. Sneh | LBOI Blog Says:

    The Encrust style is really intriguing. I love the mosaic, varidots and candystripes too … I wish more and more people looked outside the standard 2-3-4 color logos :-)

  5. Matt Says:

    Doilies!? Who’d have thought doilies would be back in fashion!? I’ll have to let my grandma know haha


  6. Ares Vista Says:

    Interesting, some of these logo styles would not be effective in print, would they still be a good choice for a logo for your company? Even an online company would need a print version of their logo sooner or later, right? Are there exceptions to this?

  7. JWG Says:

    Not a big fan of PhotoFill logos or “trends”, but the list is quite nice. Thanks for posting!

  8. nido Says:

    Roy (Firebrand) Smith… the trend setter!

  9. Sarah Says:

    I like the photofill set the most, the style and color is much more unique than the others.

  10. bobcut_monster Says:

    really nice n creative work. . .

  11. Clippingimages Says:

    Great stuff …… I like the candy stripe and dandelion

  12. logodesigner Says:

    I like the collection of your logo design trends 2009. And most of the logo design used vector and different kind of font

  13. Mark Ballantyne Says:

    The Caviar Bar logo… I can only imagine the hours put into that one. Awesome!

  14. Denis Efanov Says:

    Nice collection!

  15. mms Says:

    so special!

  16. Nikita Says:

    Here you can find Logo Design Trends 2010 http://limejam.tumblr.com/post.....rends-2010

  17. Web Designer Says:

    These are really awesome. Thank you for sharing! See you soon.

  18. Sanchita Says:

    Cool stuff. Quite impressive.

  19. Green Hat Says:

    Some really nice logo styles here. Still look great as they should! Be good to see a 2012 list. Cheers, great site by the way.

  20. Perfect gifts Says:

    Awesome design collection!! I like Sequential and Doily collection specially.

  21. George Finecott Says:

    I really like these beautiful logo design trend. This is the same blog, what i was searching for. Keep posting more appealing logos like this.

  22. Koen mkt Says:

    Consealed number two its my favorite design.

  23. Posicion1 Says:

    Awesome logo design, we would like to know more about your services.

  24. PremnathPK Says:

    Logo is a combination of art & heart. The right logo is one that just communicates your goal. A top quality emblem for your company is an important source that provides who you are to prospects it immediately shows your company & the services you offer. We can style your cards, letterhead, & other invitations in a style suitable for your emblem & product http://www.clustersworld.com/

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