With all this talk about the doom & gloom of the recession I thought this would be a great post to share… what logo designs could look like after the recession.


Source: Ironicsans did the Fail logo and the rest are from Tosorto.

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  1. Devlin Says:

    Now that is funny. Thanks for sharing. Xerox running out of Toner is hilarious.

  2. Rahul Says:

    Quite hilarious. Recession has really taken effect now ;)

  3. Bryan Says:

    Slogan for the Nike logo “Already done it”

  4. Leon Poole Says:

    lol.. It’s good to see creative people aren’t losing their sense of humour during global down turn… But I didn’t get the post recession Dell logo? (Is it just falling apart?)

  5. seajay Says:

    this is just creative!

  6. Alex Says:

    Apple and Good year are my picks!

  7. Kumail.H.T Says:

    I have seen a much detailed post with all of these elsewhere, if this is a guest post you should make sure its not copied.

  8. Jacob Cass Says:

    Thanks Kumail for the concern however I did link to the sources at the bottom of this article.

  9. Fabian Says:

    Very clever! The Xerox design is priceless.

  10. Amanda Says:

    The Xerox is very clevor – I really like the Bad Year logo. Those are funny.

  11. Jake Mates Says:

    New Ford slogan: “Ford. Please drive one.”

  12. Brett Danielsen Says:

    Best buy’s, please buy is great! Very funny.

  13. Rucha Says:

    This is gr8.
    shows the effect brilliantly.
    Thats wat is happening to the companies. hahahhaha
    enjoyed seeing it…
    wondering what coke and pepsi will look like :)

  14. Rosanna Says:

    It’s so funny. :)

  15. Drahony Says:

    great post, nothing like some humour

  16. Aetoric Design Says:

    Even my girlfriend thought this was funny!

  17. Rob Russo Says:

    Oh, these are so much fun. Made me laugh til I realized how bad it may get! Hopefully we can keep on laughing while things turn around soon.

  18. Cristhian Bedon Says:

    LOL, those are funny. From the eaten up apple to the “Ford – Fail”. Nice find Jacob.

  19. Francois Says:

    Funny logos, thanks for sharing !

  20. Alex Schleber Says:

    Very funny stuff, maybe add “General Failure” (GM).

    Also, has anyone noticed the irony in all of the bank ads from the last year or so under the current circumstances? E.g. “Citi – NEVER sleeps”… now we know why. The other banksters aren’t sleeping anymore either BTW ;)

  21. Frank Achon Says:


  22. Derek Vigil Says:

    I found this highly entertaining this morning. Very creative and so relevant.

  23. daphne Says:

    Gosh, this is the best way to get rid of recession blues :) Nicely done!

  24. Matt Says:

    this is great! Kinda helps to put a lighter side on current events.

  25. Mick Says:

    LOL. That is hilarious!

  26. Scott S Says:

    ROFL! Very good!

  27. Raph Says:

    Funny. Thanks for putting a smile on my dial. :-D

  28. Funny Says:

    Cool Idea

  29. Adam Haase Says:

    Any more from where that came from?

  30. Clippingimages Says:

    :) Creative peoples are using their senses of Humor …

  31. vasu Says:

    i like xerox. haha.. funny

  32. Richelle Says:

    hahahah now that is funny!! great creativity on that score… and surely makes us chuckle despite the “doom and gloom” of things!

  33. chris design Says:

    Well I like the Apple logo….It looks so funny that after recession whole apple is biiten up…:)

  34. Logon Says:

    LG Life’s tough.. hehehe

  35. Hector Says:

    Very creative, but there’s a spelling mistake in this pages’ url :)

  36. logo gal Says:

    that is funny:)

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  39. cqemtytra Says:

    You rihanna without make up call me up toward you move slowly, was.

  40. Custom Logo Design Says:

    Some pretty funny ones!

  41. Rey Says:

    It looks very creative yet funny! :-D I love how you modify those renowned logos! It is important that your logo must reflect your company and the kind of services you offer. It is more convenient that your company logo is designed professionally and that it mirrors your professionalism and quality of service. To know more about Logo designing, visit Logo Design.

  42. Addies @ Logo Design Says:

    Now that’s indeed quite thought provoking. I really like the effects on most of the logos such but LG, Dell, Nike and Nokia quite are the best presentations in my opinion.

    Thanks for sharing.

  43. JustFunnyVideos.TK Says:

    Very funny logos. Ingenius Idea ;)

  44. Farooq Says:

    Good site to visit.


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