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Logo Of Month - April 2009

The winner of Logo Of The Month for April 2009 (from the Logo Of The Day website) is the logo for Arbeitskreis Vernetzung.

The Logo is for a group (an organization) called “Arbeitskreis Vernetzung”, formed of 4 different social services in Germany and last had been used for an Event called “Tag der sozialen Dienste” (Day of social services). The logo shows 4 people looked at from above, forming a circle (or holding their hands) in an very reduced way. It stands for the 4 organizations the “Arbeitskreis” (Working-Circle (Workgroup)) is formed of.  It shows the unity of these 4 organizations and the “Teamspirit”, just like a football-team sticking together their hands, ready to achieve something. The perspective from above, stands for the fact, that the Group has a vantage point frome above when looking at problems to solve them.” ~ Dominic Rödel

See in use on a flyer here.

Congratulations to Dominic Rödel (the designer).

What are your thoughts on this logo?

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  1. Yossi Says:

    It’s great but is very similar to this: http://www.chabadbytheocean.co.....292342.jpg

  2. Robyn Durst Says:

    I like it. The simplicity of the design caught my eye right away, and once I learned the symbolism it all came together. Even without knowing the thought process of the design, I feel it encompasses what the organization stands for; and it can be used in a variety of color and settings. Great job!

  3. Dominic Says:

    First of all: Thanks to everyone who voted for me :)

    The logo may not look like a lot of work for some of you, but there really is a lot of work in there. In detail, I spend a lot of time, fixing the right proportions and sizes and spaces between the single elements (of course next to defining the basic idea that needs to be communicated and the way this idea should be visualized, this usually takes most time).
    During the process there indeed was a version that kind of looked like the “friendship circle”. But in my opinion it is harder to see the persons icon with the round shape on the arc, compared to my final one.
    Personally, I do belive that a good logo needs a strong concept behind its visual appearance. To still keep it simple, I decided to use a very reduced appearance. The more concept, or the more “meaniing” one of my logos has, the simpler I want it to appear. I just try to keep it balanced.
    In addition to that, thanks for all the nice comments at LOTD :)

  4. Ananda Dimitri Says:

    not very unique, hard to remember

  5. Rosesteel Says:

    Wow! what a great transformation of simplicity which speaks it’s language by using a simple pattern or design. https://www.logoventure.com/ I really loved this one! It’s a perfect combination of simple and serene.

  6. Jonny Says:

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