The winner of Logo Of The Month for Feburary 2010 (from the Logo Of The Day website) is the Processed Identity logo.

Processed Identity is a website that allows designers to share the creative processes used to develop visual brand identities. The site uses case studies, articles and discussions to explore the value of a non-stock solution. The identity is a visual representation of a path or process. The path forms the letter P as well as a question mark, expressing the problem that is solved through the creative process.

Congratulations to the designer Steve Zelle.

What are your thoughts on this logo?

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  1. Business Cards Printing Says:

    Well this is a fun little logo. When I see the question mark it seems like it represents the design process. Blue goes to yellow, becoming blue, etc. The parts are important and are only take shape when their together and each connecting part becomes a new color…or idea

  2. Kendell Warner Says:

    Pretty clever logo. As the before posting mentioned the colors help the progression of the idea. I’m interested to see how that’s going to work on a 2C or B/W print. To see if it still resonates as strongly as it does here…

    Thanks for posting!

  3. Steve Zelle Says:

    Thanks to Jacob for having Processed Identity as logo of the month. I also appreciate the comments and if you would like, you can see the logo in 1 color on the Processed Identity site at the bottom of this, and most other pages ( The identity was initially designed to work in black with color being added only at the end of the creative process so it is not dependant on using full color. Please check out the site, the process studies, articles, and join in the discussions about the creative processes.

  4. aero Says:

    Lovely design

  5. Animator Says:

    sorry but,, i think its not very creative…sorry again..

  6. Animator Says:

    sorry but i think its not very creative logo..

  7. Max Says:

    Nice concept.

  8. Says:

    As a logo designer myself… I think its fantastic.
    love it

  9. Drew Says:

    I like when logo’s have their image not floated left or right of them text. Usually though when I create a logo I cannot find a way to use it like that. Nice logo too. How come there isn’t one for May?

  10. Jacob Cass Says:

    You can find the full list over on the site.

  11. Says:

    Thanks Jacob Cass for suggesting :) It’s an awesome site besides

  12. OVO Creatives Logo Design Says:

    Really like the colours of the logo symbol, however in my opinion the positioning of the symbol and text can be improved as it looks a bit heavy on the left side.

  13. Logo Stage Says:

    cool idea, nice colors

  14. Abdullah baig Says:

    beautiful logo style.

  15. Michel Says:

    I don’t like it so much! Also the colors are very questionable!

  16. kelly Says:

    Yeah, it is quite clever. It feels ’soft’ though? It’s not punchy, but that’s not a bad thing…

  17. Whaze Says:

    Seems classic and lovley logos.. also logos have very nice color i like it.

  18. Nemo Says:

    It works! and if the client likes it then job done. Many rather supersilious crits IMHO.

  19. Koen Creativos Says:

    Logo is a cheerful, but no novelty to what is commonly … there is an excess of color seem to be present by the lack of creativity in solving the symbol. I like the source, I think I miss working at the symbol, but is generally good.

  20. Robert Smith Says:

    beautiful logo..!! Congratulations Steve.

  21. Bay Area Logo Design Says:

    it is creative logo.really convey something to viewers.It looks professional and certainly the great usage of colors and designs great work.

  22. Meer Anis Says:

    It’s ofcourse deserve thank of people and lots of comments are the reflection of our’s love.

  23. proweb365 Says:

    that’s a clever logo. I love it!

  24. Growstudio Says:

    Well, this is the best way to said “less is more”. Nice!

  25. Rashed Says:

    How this could be logo of the month!

  26. Kristinahughes Says:

    Such a thematic and great selection of inspiring logo design of the month. A good logo design is always remember at any cost.

  27. Clipping Care Says:

    It can’t be the logo of the month.

  28. Nasrin Says:

    It was gorgeous design!!!

  29. Ginny Ross Says:

    Really like the colors of the logo symbol and the designing is slightly perfect .
    You can refer to many websites that provide such services of logo designing and other custom designs , have a look at this one I found it interesting though.

  30. Anna Says:


  31. Remove White Background Says:

    Very creative logo design .

  32. pavel Says:

  33. pavel Says:

    Order your Cartoon design here

  34. Alamia @ clipping path service Says:

    nice style, thank you

  35. Nisha Klb Says:

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  36. zia awan Says:

    Creative logo designer,

  37. James Franklin Says:

    How do you get and love these logos?

  38. James Franklin Says:

    Love these logos!

  39. Photo Retouching Says:

    Very Nice Logo Design

  40. happy wheels Says:

    Pretty clever logo. As the before posting mentioned the colors help the progression of the idea. I’m interested to see how that’s going to work on a 2C or B/W print. To see if it still resonates as strongly as it does here…

  41. Sofia Mendoza Says:

    Wow! It’s an awesome logo. The designed is done by high creative thought. I love such logo.

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