Today (12th April 2010) is the launch day of Adobe CS5 and with the new version comes a whole new set of logos and packaging. After some speculation we now can see the official logos of Adobe CS5, now with 3D and an extra colour added in.

I think it’s a nice gradual change and I think the extra colour will make it easier to distinguish each product rather than the full black letters of the old logos, though I would be interested to know the design decisions behind the 3D aspect on some of the logos – maybe to make them pop more on our desktops?

What do you think?

Adobe CS5 Logos

Adobe CS5 new product packaging:

Adobe CS5 Packaging

CS5 Editions

You can see the new Adobe CS5 logos and product packaging in the official Adobe Store.

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  1. Mitch Says:

    I’m glad that pulled off something that looks decent. I’m not the biggest fan of the 3D look, but I also wasn’t a fan of the black they used in the CS4 logos, but they grew on me. Thanks for the post! Can’t wait to upgrade!

  2. Jojje Says:

    I like the packaging, even if they’re a bit disturbing, no? The icons are really dull. Whats the deal with the extrude to a box idea? The CS4 icons kept simple at least. This is just looks uninspired.

  3. Nuno Jacinto Says:

    I’m not that crazy about the logos.
    The packaging however looks much better.

  4. Daniel Berumen Says:

    I dislike the fact that there’s too little contrast between some of the logos. The Lr and Master collection logos look fine. The Illustrator and Flash logos look horrible though.

    The logos for cs3 and cs4 were much better than this.

    Like everyone’s comments so far, I think the packaging looks great.

  5. dave Says:

    Somehow I find these new icons less “serious” than the ones from CS4. They kind of remind children building blocks, if that’s good or bad I don’t know. But their excessive saturation does bother me a bit… don’t know still digesting it :)

    What I want to see are the splash screens for the applications. It would be cool if they were a bit different than the icons it self and not like in CS4 where the splash is basically a resized icon.

    Now what really disappointed me was the partial enhancements in Illustrator. Still limited to 100 artboards, no individual layer structure for each artboard, no master page, text tools remain the same crap and I assume that the zoom limit is still in place.

    Not to mention that they’ve completely neglected Fireworks. Which from what I’ve read doesn’t have a single expressive new feature.

    Looking forward to CSX where I hope I’ll finally be able to use the zoom in Illustrator just like if I was using a vector application :P

  6. Toby Says:

    I like the packaging. It reminds me of a magic show poster.

    The icons are nice. I like how Adobe didn’t completely overhaul the design. They always tweak them just enough to set them apart from the previous version.

  7. Max Says:

    Finally! Can’t wait to test them.

  8. Doug C. Says:

    Adobe never did have a consistent brand strategy, which when you think about is downright laughable. Here’s this huge DESIGN corporation whose DESIGN products cost an arm and a leg and they can’t even create a decent brand for themselves.

    Maybe someone should tell their DESIGN team to pick up a copy of Brad VanAuken’s Brand Aid.

  9. Ash Menon Says:

    Personally I’d have to say that their CS2 and CS3 logo families were the best. CS4 was just taking CS3 and downmarketing it a tad. This CS5 version just looks rather lost and inconsistent. And this usage of neon-highlight on the type for the individual colours just looks like someone used the Color Dodge blending effect way too much. At least the CS4 interface was more polished, so I’m hoping CS5 will be even better.

  10. JD Says:

    The packaging is awful, I didn’t see CS4 but CS3 came in a nice solid plastic cd case. CS5 has each disc in a paper envelope all inside a flimsy paper box. I would think my $2500 on a set of discs would have came in a better container.

  11. Molyv Logo Design Says:

    Personally I don’t really like the icons as they are rather simple and boring. Feel that they can do much better with all the designs for sure.

  12. Design Finder Thinks Says:

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  13. OVO Creatives Logo Design Says:

    Agree that the icons are a bit dull though the packaging designs are great! I also really love how they have names Photoshop CS5 “White Rabbit” too!

  14. Jew Mark Says:

    This CS5 version just looks rather lost and inconsistent. And this usage of neon-highlight on the type for the individual colours just looks like someone used the Color Dodge blending effect way too much.

  15. elvira Says:

    Hello everyone,
    The History of these products at least ever since I started using them back in 1994, (don’t ask what version… I only remember 5.5 Photoshop the interrogating eye), were inspiring. Illustrator with Botticelli ’s Aphrodite had consistency as the sequel evolved, giving us a hint of the new ‘toys’ – filters the latest version had to offer us. Sure less 3D depth of tools, motion transactions, transparencies, but inspired logos. You’d smile when waiting for the program to load, it had beauty. The versions now are consuming products. Rather than really offering more they tend to merge functions into one-another. The logos drained to initials, all but inspired acrobat logo. Less is more, I agree but it can be inspiring as well. Why don’t they make an open contest for the next set of logos? all users can participate. That would be inspiring I think.

  16. Scorpio Says:

    Sorry guys but I have to disagree with you. Even though they do not have a powerful brand for themselves and they have this kind of laughable icons, it’s all reduced to publicity.
    Think about it like this: if someone was to ask you or would talk about some poorly designed brands or poorly designed icons, you would most likely think of Adobe. And that’s their point. Even though it’s not something nice to look at, once you see it, you don’t forget it.

  17. kelly Says:

    Packaging is looking nice. It is a memorable set of logos good or bad, I agree with Scorpio!

  18. logo ontwerp Says:

    I like this one’s more aspacial whenb I start it up on my mac it looks great end gives me rest

  19. Pixeljuice Says:

    I have always admired Adobes packaging and their UI graphics and individual program icons. While the packaging certainly doesn’t fail to impress me, I find the program logos to be uninspiring. Also, the box says cutting edge, but the application logos say something entirely different, so there is a bit of an incompatibility thing going on.

  20. semanticlp Says:

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  21. Brindes Says:

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  26. Cheltenham Web Design Says:

    I have to say that Adobe have created a great identity with their suite of products. It’s easy to identity that they are a family.

    It must have been the hardest brief to achieve – great work.

  27. Yordan Says:

    I like the packaging the icons.

  28. jared Says:

    I’ve been waiting for this to come out and can’t wait to test it.

  29. vina ilagan Says:

    Amazing design. From the logo itself to the packaging.
    Great mind!

  30. Jaclin Says:

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  33. Wamuyu Kariuki Says:

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