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  1. Tavis Glover Says:

    Hi Jacob, great idea for your site. I just book marked it! Just wanted to let you know the YouTube video above does not work anymore. I like the one on your main page “Make my logo bigger” Haha!

  2. Tavis Glover Says:

    Nevermind! After I posted that comment it started working again. Sorry, just trying to help.

  3. Rex Says:

    Thanks for the tips and information! It really helps!

  4. James Russell Says:

    Hi there, really interesting blog and well worth a good read. As a MD of a design agency in Leeds UK called Definitive Creative ( we have more recently moved in to brand management and there are so many people who fall in to the trap of simply ‘designing a logo’.

    I believe that the creation of a memorable identity requires extensive brand research and profiling with matched company vision and values. Only after a full and comprehensive brand audit does it become possible to design an identity that truly reflects the company personality and vision.

    I think it’s also quite easy to tailor a brand process to every customer no matter what their spend is. After all any form of marketing is about increasing revenue for any business.

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