Skittles New Logo

London designer and designers’ favorite Miles Newlyn worked with Dragon Rouge to create a new logo for the Skittles brand name of candies. His multi-colored tongue concept is a literal though stylized translation of the brand’s slogan, “Taste the rainbow.”

The official Skittles website is worth checking out too.

What are your thoughts?

Via LogoLounge.

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  1. Richard Says:

    i like the concept actually, the slightly CMYK pastelly colours and the bold outlines add a retro twist to it- wonder how timeless it will be?? thumbs up 4rm me!

  2. VaBookworm87 Says:

    I didn’t get the tongue part before reading it… Maybe it’s because tongues aren’t scalloped like that? lol Or maybe they could have involved some concept of a mouth around it (like the Rolling Stones)?

  3. Richard Says:

    yes I agree, I didnt get the tongue part either, I fort it was a swoosh! rounded would have looked much better ;)

  4. Shala Says:

    LOL, yea I didn’t realize it was suppose to be a tongue, until I read the comments. Looks like it would be a great logo for a kids product. Maybe some kid of paint product for kids.

  5. Shala Says:

    Now that I look at it again, I think a mouth should be associated with it some how, or maybe even like a kid sticking out the multi-colored tongue…

  6. Chris Says:

    The problem with the ideas of adding a head is that this logo has to be easily recognizable/understood at a very small scale. Small enough to put on their smallest mini pack of skittles. The rainbow/tongue idea at least gets across the idea of the rainbow and it’s in skittles colors. Adding a head detracts from that.

    On the flip side I would almost expect that to be a logo for GALA, or the GLBTSA. I think the logo works well for skittles when it’s put in the same place as a bag of skittles, take the food away and you have a separate conotation.

    Overall very nice logo outlined as many food product logos are to pop and capture attention. Cheers

  7. Rory Says:

    Not sure how this will be received in Australia – we have a colloquial term for someone vomiting which is known as the ‘technicolour yawn’. Now you have some idea of what I thought of when I first saw it. Apart from that connotation it’s a really well executed graphic.

  8. VaBookworm87 Says:

    I don’t necessarily mean adding a head… Like I said with the Rolling Stones logo, they simply have a mouth. It could still be scaled down and be recognizable. The mouth itself would be enough to convey a tongue, whereas this just looks like someone tossed a bucket of paint. It looks nothing like a tongue.

  9. brandon Says:

    I like the concept a lot but I don’t like how the tongue is “scalloped” maybe if it was smoothed out along the bottom and add a saliva drop or something I think a mouth would take away from it. – showed my wife it and didn’t tell her what it was for and she said it looked like a peacock or a gay rights logo or something lol. But I can see this working over time maybe

  10. chuc-diesel Says:

    Looks like a lucky charms logo

  11. michael scott Says:

    Ugh! I hate the Skittles website! It’s so fucking useless!

    And the logo doesn’t even look like a tongue!

  12. Shala Says:

    Yea I don’t really think a head should be added either. Like Chris says, for resizing purposes it could be hard to make out the image when scaled down to fit on a Skittles package.

    I agree with VaBookworm87, I just don’t like the shape of the tongue. When I first looked at it I had no idea it’s for Skittles and that it it’s suppose to be a tongue. Like I mentioned earlier about using it for some kid painting product and as VaBookworm87 says, looks like some paint being splashed.

    I also like brandon’s suggestion about adding a saliva drop. That could work too. I think once the logo gets placed on the Skittle package and gets advertise on commercials though, Skittle has enough “swag” to get the new logo accepted and recognizable by people. They’ll be able to make some kind of funny memorable commercial with it I’m sure. Fav commercial of theirs is with the Hour glass, and the guy turning old as his roomie kept eating the skittles out of the hour glass, LOL

  13. Jacob Cass Says:

    It’s pretty hard to navigate / find what you need but it was refreshing to see a new form of website.

    I am also waiting to see how the logo looks in context when on the packet / other marketing.

  14. Rob Loukotka Says:

    Knowing that their slogan is “Taste the Rainbow”, I did pick up on the tongue imagery immediately. I actually think it’s pretty clever / silly, like a lot of their commercials. Overall, it’s kind of trippy, a big melting rainbow tongue… this is probably fitting considering their absolutely bizarre ad campaigns.

    My only concern is how incredibly thin/pointy the mark gets on left. Look at the inaccuracies in the printing on any candy bag, the colors often overlap. This may look like a bit of mess unless the mark is printed really large.

  15. Logo Design Monster Says:

    I did not see the tongue concept either initially but am seeing lots of colourful tongues in the logo now :) Thank you for sharing it is always good to see what is new in the logo world.

  16. jen Says:

    there goes my skittles appetite.

  17. tim7168 Says:

    One of my Dad’s favourite euphemisms for vomit was ‘multi-coloured burp’. And this it, visualised.

  18. Kendell Warner Says:

    While I didn’t see the tongue right out I think this is a very creative approach to match the slogan for Skittles. I can also see some interesting advertising campaigns coming out of this. Some that won’t necessarily involve targeting any one particular audience – should be fun!

    Great stuff – thanks for posting!

  19. Logó Tervezés Says:

    I like it a lot. Very colorful and a real attention getter. Makes me want to go buy a bag skittles lol. Anyway, thanks for sharing and feel free to visit me back :)

  20. TechyMinds Says:

    awesome logo.

  21. Michael J Kormendy Says:

    I totally thought it was a tongue, and then I read the article to make sure that’s what the intended concept was going for.

    Umm, hello “TASTE the rainbow” … not “SPURT the rainbow”, “SCALLOP the rainbow” or “WHATEVER ELSE OTHER THAN TASTE the rainbow”.

    Skittles is marketing the brand WITH the tagline,.. so it doesn’t need anything else.


  22. rainbow riches Says:

    nice one the concept was already in the logo. Nice one keep it up!

  23. garcon sculpteur Says:

    Yup nice concept indeed.. I like the taste of the rainbow! :)

  24. Jerry Says:

    I didn’t get the tongue at first glance. But the logo looks great. Just curious how long it took. It seems like a simple concept but sometimes what seems simple can take hours of brainstorming and redo’s.

  25. Says:

    Outstandung logo :) How did you make it? By CS4 or Corel Draw?

  26. OVO Creatives Logo Design Says:

    Love it! Anything rainbow and colourful as this catches my attention :)

  27. Scorpio Says:

    In my opinion this logo does not do justice to the skittles brand. I don’t know about you but when I hear skittles the first thing that comes to mind are those delicious little candies with a little S on them and once I think about that, I can only think of the red packaging. Their brand sells itself. They didn’t need a logo for it.

  28. Lunet_Clipping Path Services Says:

    Looks brilliant and nice color works but i didn’t feel its like tongue until c the comments of folks , anyway nice try brilliant idea dude

  29. Bush_Tag Says:

    The logo is bright and colorful and suits skittles but does not look like a tongue may be the end can be a bit smooth or in a U shape.

  30. website design Says:

    very nice logo!

  31. Praveen Says:

    very nice and compact but colorful. I like it please also see some nice concept from this link

  32. Eliz-Mari Nel Says:

    I love the bright and colorful colors you used,it represent Skittles very good. Congrats with the great logo.

  33. Annie Says:

    I feel like the “scalloped” design is necessary in this new logo, without it you lose the image of the rainbow skittles is known for. It’s an interesting design and I highly approve. Also the image of the tongue is brilliant. Who cares if people don’t see it at first; it grows on you until you do see it, and thats what you need: something simple that changes and conveys more meaning after the first glance. Did people see the arrow in the fedex logo at first? Did consumers notice the bear in the toberlone logo? This is perfect, great job.

  34. Sunny Says:

    I liked the design pattern very much the color chosen in background doesn’t look good enough to increase the beauty of the logo.

  35. smartsite Says:

    Taste the rainbow, what a clever interpretation for the brand!

  36. funcoloring Says:

    Love the taste of Rainbow! Love colors!

  37. rachellee Says:

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  38. Sasika Says:

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  39. James Says:

    Its quite refreshing ! I like the concept – simple and good !

  40. Logo Designs Says:

    This logo depicting the flamboyant and colorful tongue is sure to click with the kids! Loved it!

  41. vina ilagan Says:

    The logo is sort f abstract that’s not at the same time.
    Wise idea.

  42. Sean Says:

    Reminds me of Shell gas station logo.

  43. Nida Butt Says:

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  44. Amy Says:

    Love it! Got the tongue bit straight away and fits well with ‘taste the rainbow’

  45. Kristinahughes Says:

    Looking fresh and eye catching! I like the concept but its too good if mention the brand name with this rainbow shape.

  46. Simon Says:

    Its a good logo. I wonder how many packets of skittles they ate while they were designing it.

  47. Sopwith Design Says:

    That is a very interesting idea! I have always liked skittles though so I will buy them no matter what logo the go with lol!

  48. Nasrin Says:

    My thought is just wow!! very creative and professional.

  49. Ginny Ross Says:

    I really liked the concept of dragon tongue , its showcased the innovative ideas that have been used to design a perfect logo.
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  50. jamesbrownn Says:

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  51. mau thiep cuoi Says:

    very nice to look at it so sweet, but I do not see the name of the company, I think should always name the company perspective on the logo to see the appropriate

  52. James Franklin Says:

    Really enjoyed seeing these new logos!

  53. Cuzee Says:

    Taste the rainbow Skittles so sweet….

  54. JoseV Says:

    I like the great use of the colors and shape of the logo, to represent a “tongue.” The logo is really clean and crisp look like something skittles would actually design. Great work.

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  57. Queen Brand Says:

    Love it! Anything rainbow and colourful as this catches my attention

  58. Bishal Kharel Says:

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    Great and keep it up.

  59. Santosh Tamang Says:

    It was really a great article..
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  61. John Willain Says:

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  62. sepatu cewek dayak Says:

    Wow, so cute colors i love it

  63. mangafox Says:

    The problem with the ideas of adding a head is that this logo has to be easily recognizable/understood at a very small scale. Small enough to put on their smallest mini pack of skittles. The rainbow/tongue idea at least gets across the idea of the rainbow and it’s in skittles colors. Adding a head detracts from that.

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