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Logo Design Books Calling For Entries

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Logo Design Books Calling For Entries

Phone - Photo by StephenMitchell

Getting your work published in logo design books is a great way to get international exposure and recognition for your work. Below are three logo design books calling for your logos to be submitted! The deadlines are very soon so act fast.

Graphic Recycling: Logos

Rockport Publishers – USA
Deadline Extended: 15 June 2009
No entry fees charged

Wolda ‘09

Eulda Books – Italy
Deadline: 30 June 2009 (logos designed in 2008)
Deadline: 31 January 2010 (logos designed in 2009)
Entry fees charged however you receive a copy of the book for free.

Logo Lounge 6

Rockport Publishers – USA
Deadline: 30 June 2009
$99 membership required to submit however that includes a years membership to the site which I highly recommend.

For more design competitons & call for entries, I recommend following Jeff Fisher’s Blog as he regularly publishes call for entries. I also recommend bookmarking IcoGrada’s Calender page and Design Taxi’s Design Competitions page.

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Top 17 Logos From The Past 3 Years Of Wolda

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Top 17 Logos From The Past 3 Years Of Wolda


Wolda is the high-profile graphic design award scheme that rewards the best logos and trademarks designed throughout the world. The winners are selected by an international three-tier jury consisting of 10 top design professionals, 10 marketing managers from major international clients and finally 10 members of the public (provided respectively by the worldwide organizations Icograda, Aquent and Consumers International).

Below are my top 17 favourite picks from the past 3 years of Wolda & Eulda (what Wolda used to be called).

To see all winning & shortlisted entries please find the links below.



Logo name: Snowflake
Logo award: Best of Luxembourg, 2008
Nation: Luxembourg
Agency: Vidale-Gloesener
Designer(s): Vidale-Gloesener (team)
Client: LuxairGroup
Description: Luxair launched a winter campaign to promote the airline’s new winter destinations as well as their internal Christmas communication. The key element of this campaign was a logo which was used across all kind of material during the winter period. A very simple logo – a snowflake made out of planes – was created and used on the cover of the timetable, the internal and external Christmas cards, the invite and poster for their internal Christmas market, the headrest inside their planes, etc.

Turkey and the European Union Relationships


Logo name: Turkey and the European Union Relationships
Logo award: Best Of Turkey, 2007
Agency: MYRA
Designer(s): Rauf Kosemen
Client: European Union Relationships Publications



Logo name: TWINS
Nation: Norway
Agency: The Action Designer
Designer(s): The Action Designer
Client: Twins Communications
Description: Logo made for a bold creative team consisting of two people. Two people being brothers …and fortunately born on the same day. TWINS was a suitable name for the two. To reflect the essence of the duo, a bold typeface was created to reflect the boldness of their approaches. The number 2 was integrated to show the creativeness of their ideas.

Dictionary of Australian Artists Online


Logo name: Dictionary of Australian Artists online Logo
Nation: Australia
Agency: Naughtyfish
Designer(s): Paul Garbett, Danielle de Andrade
Client: Dictionary of Australian Artists online
This identity was created for the Dictionary of Australian Artists Online (DAAO). The DAAO is an online search and research tool containing biographies from Australian artists throughout history. The logo is comprised of 26 coloured ‘pixels’ which represent the 26 letters of the alphabet and symbolise the dictionary. The pixels are dynamic, and can be rearranged to create new objects and symbols.

Consumer Society and Citizen Networks


Logo name: Consumer Society and Citizen Networks
Logo award: Best of Europe 2007
Agency: Jovan Rocanov (Serbia) for Kaffeine Communications (Kiev, Ukraine)
Designer(s): Jovan Rocanov, Anna Timkov
Client: Consumer Society and Citizen Networks

Break Cafe


Logo name: BREAK cafe
Logo award: Best of Serbia, 2008
Nation: Serbia
Agency: KontraStudio
Designer(s): KontraStudio
Client: Break Cafè, Niš (Serbia)
Description: Logo for a café situated in a shopping mall, frequented by people who wish to take a coffee break while shopping.

USA Rice Federation


Logo name: Usa Rice Federation
Logo award: Best Of Germany, 2006
Agency: ondesign
Designer(s): Olav Jünke
Client: USA Rice Federation Inc.
Year of release: 2000

Restaurant Mathias Dahlgren


Logo name: Restaurant Mathias Dahlgren
Nation: Sweden
Agency: Dolhem Design
Designer(s): Jan Vana, Designer. Christophe Dolhem, Creative Director.
Client: Mathias Dahlgren Grand Hôtel Stockholm
Description: Sweden’s most famous chef Mathias Dahlgren opened his own restaurant in collaboration with Grand Hôtel Stockholm. Dolhem Design created a logotype and graphic identity to go with the restaurant’s contemporary Swedish cooking.



Logo name: Souperie
Nation: Estonia
Designer(s): Hannes Unt
Client: Bellavista
Description: A variety of wok dishes, a fusion of soups and oriental specialties in a versatile variety of intermixing possibilities. These are the delicacies you can expect at Souperie – a gourmet soup and wok take-away. Our work result is a logomark with circles in various sizes and attractive colours, symbolizing the multifaceted possibilities clients have when combining a meal. With an objective to avoid an image of cheap fast food chains, the typeface was chosen to be minimalist and elegant, matching the overall upscale look.



Logo name: OK
Logo award: Best Of Russia, 2006
Agency: Mccann Erickson Russia
Designer(s): Oleg Pudov
Client: Fund of Social Communications
Year of release: 2004

Eight Business Lounge Bar


Logo name: Eight
Logo award: Best of Portugal, 2007
Agency: Shift Design
Designer(s): Shift Design
Client: Eight Business Lounge Bar

Pogodjena patka (Shot Duck)


Logo name: Pogodjena patka (Shot Duck)
Logo award: Best of Serbia and Montenegro, 2006
Agency: Zoran Borenovic
Designer(s): Zoran Borenovic
Client: Restoran Pogodjena patka (Shot Duck, restaurant)
Year of release: 2005

Hou+Partnere Arkitekter A/S


Logo name: Hou+Partnere Arkitekter A/S
Logo award: Best of Denmark, 2007
Agency: Super Duper Graphics
Designer(s): Søren Severin
Client: Hou+Partnere Arkitekter A/S

Just Creative Design


Logo name: Just Creative Design
Logo awards: Best of Oceania, Best of Australia
Nation: Australia
Agency: Just Creative Design
Designer(s): Jacob Cass (Hey, I can like my own can’t I?) You can check out pictures of my awards here.
Description: Logo for a Freelancing Graphic Design business and graphic design / creativity based blog. The initials J, C, D were incorporated into the outline of a pencil in a creative and simple manner to reflect the name of the business.

Libreria Internacional Bilbao


Logo name: LIB
Nation: Spain
Designer(s): Miren Sánchez, Miguel Zorraquino
Client: LIB Librería Internacional Bilbao
Description: LIB – Librería Internacional Bilbao – is a bookshop that offers customers literary works in the original language in which they were written. It has a wide selection of both classical and contemporary works in different languages: English, French, Portuguese, German, Basque, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, etc. The final result is a simple, fresh, effective and evocative image.

Nouveau Theatre de Montreuil


Logo name: Nouveau Theatre de Montreuil
Nation: France
Designer(s): Delphine Cordier and Aurélie Gasche
Client: Nouveau Theatre de Montreuil
Description: This logo was created in November 2007 for the City of Montreuil’s new theatre “le Nouveau Theatre de Montreuil” (France). The design of the logo has been inspired by the Institution’s new building. Lines coming from different directions meet and inter-twine to finally draw the outline of the building and thereby create its volume. It is the meeting point of exterior and interior. While the lines capture the theatre, they also burst out of its confines. It represents the artistic dynamic of this place of creation and the international aspect of the Theatre’s activities.

38 South


Logo name: 38 South
Nation: Australia
Agency: Mark Gowing Design
Designer(s): Mark Gowing
Client: 38 SOUTH
Description: 38 South is a music management company located in Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne is located at 38 degrees south. The company mostly deals with the logistics of managing nightclub DJs who work primarily with vinyl records. Hence the trademark was designed to reference not only the traditional black record discs but also the circular degrees symbol. 38 South does business with nightclubs, booking agents and the music industry, so an element of cool was required in the overall feel of the trademark.

Wolda is now accepting entries for the 2009 Annual. More info here.

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