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Logo Book Review


Logo Book Review

Logo Front Cover

Logo‘ written by Michael Evamy, is a logo design book that definitely should be on your bookshelf.

This 352 page book is jam packed with high quality logo designs for your inspiration… each logo featured also includes a  short description on the same page highlighting such things as when & who designed the logo which is great if you want to find out more information on the designer or just to see how long the logo has been around.

Logo Book Inside

Below you can read the official product description of ‘Logo’.

Product Description:

The logo bible, this book provides graphic designers with an indispensable reference source for contemporary logo design. More than 1300 logos are grouped according to their focal form, symbol, and graphic associations into 75 categories such as crosses, stars, crowns, animals, people, handwritten, illustrative type, etc. To emphasize the visual form of the logos, they are shown predominantly in black and white.

By sorting a vast, international array of current logotypes ranging from those of small, design-led businesses to global brands the book offers design consultancies a ready resource to draw on in the research phase of identity projects. Logos are also indexed alphabetically by name of company/designer and by industrial sector, making it easy to piece together a picture of the state of the identity art in any client’s marketplace.

Logo Book Inside

As mentioned in the product description, ‘Logo’ features most of the logos in black and white which I think is a great design decision… it allows you to focus on the form and concept of the logo rather than the colour which distracts & conflicts with the other designs on the page. I think this fact is what makes the book stand out from all of the other logo design inspiration books out there.

Colour Pages

However, there are also some colour pages which feature many logos on one page as you can see in the picture above. On these pages it also provides a short description and explanation of the category that is about to be viewed.

Inside Cover

The book cover jacket also doubles as a fold out poster which features all of the logos in the book which is pretty handy for some quick visual logo inspiration.

Overall, this book is a timeless and an extremely inspirational reference for anyone involved in logo design. I highly recommend it. It goes for about USD$26 on Amazon.

This book was also 1 of the 12 books I recently recommended over on my other blog, Just Creative Design.

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