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The Harley-Davidson Brand

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The Harley-Davidson Brand

Harley Davidson Logo

What do you think of when you see the Harley-Davidson logo? Personally, I think of a rugged, rebellious “bikey” – one with tattoos, beard and a leather jacket.

Stereotypes aside, I find it fascinating that being what the Harley-Davidson brand is (tough & rebellious) it can turn a scrawny office worker into one mean fighting machine – just by slapping a logo on.

This has not been achieved overnight but rather has been built into the culture and beliefs of Harley since its establishment in 1902.

Marketing has played a huge role in this perceived image and I believe the video below is a great example of how they have achieved this.

“We believe the machine you sit on, can tell the world exactly where you stand. We don’t care what everyone else believes. Amen.”

Notice how the last line of the clip, as quoted above, is clear and not distorted? A very powerful, yet subtle, way to send the message right home.

In my opinion, Harley is one of the strongest “brands” in the world – right along side Apple. What about you?

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