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Logo Design Fun: Games, Parodies & More

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Logo Design Fun: Games, Parodies & More


Who said logo design had to be all serious? Have fun with these logo games, parodies and more.

Which is the real logo?

Guess what is the correct logo in this fun game. Comes with a timer and all.

Real Logo

Logo Parodies

A few logo parodies.

Logo Parodies

Brand Alphabet

Do you know your brand alphabet? Match each letter to the right brand identity… remember that some of the letters are from the middle of a logo.


Below is another version of spot the logo. Answers here.

Spot The Logo

Your Favourite Logos Go Web 2.0

Your favourite logos now with gloss, reflections and more!

Logo Design Goes Web 2.0

Phallic Logo Designs

Some rather unfortunate logo designs that have come / gone a bit too far.

arlington pediatric center

Bad Logo Designs

On the topic of bad logo design, check out these rather unsightly logos.


Speech Bubble Logos

Have you ever noticed how overdone speech bubble logos are? Here are just a few.

Speech Bubble Logos

Guess The Logo

Similar to brand alphabet, this is a game that features only part of a logo. Can you guess the logo by only seeing part of it?


Logo Designs After The Recession

As previously posted here on Logo Designer Blog, here are some logo designs after going through the recession.


Hope this post has lightened up your day… have you got any more logo design fun to share?

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