Last week I got my first dot grid book (& my first moleskine) and I loved it so much I thought I would share this great resource with you.

This dot grid book is great for sketching and finalising logo designs but I think pictures describe it better than words so here are a few pictures of what your missing out on…

You can buy the book from Behance Outfitter for USD$14 or if in Australia, from NoteMaker for $27.95.



Perfect for typography and logo design, the lightness of the grid allows clear scanning.


Spread view of the dot book.


The dot grid book in use, not sure why they put the orange border there.


Lines don’t interfere with your work.


The lightness of the grid allows clear scanning.


Double perforations for easy removal.


Double sprial binding.


The dot grid.


The cover detail.


The outside Suede-Touch cover with packaging.

Do you own a dot grid or moleskine book? What are your opinions?

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  1. Raja Sandhu Says:

    You got me convinced, I’ll be ordering one for sure!

    Thanks for the post :)

    - Raja Sandhu

  2. Abbas Says:

    Handy little book that, but I would expect to pay half what you paid for it!

  3. Deron Sizemore Says:

    Those looks nice! I’m going to look into getting some.

  4. Fabian Says:

    I need to bite the bullet and get some:)

  5. Brian Says:

    This is a great article I have never used either but I do want to get them.

  6. Preston Lee Says:

    I’ve been using light graphing paper to achieve the same effect. Cheaper but not near as good. I think i’ll switch over. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Holly Mack Says:

    A really good idea! Thanks and keep up the good work :)

  8. agustin ruiz Says:

    looks really useful! not only for type design, but for everything!

  9. Rich Bailey Says:

    A great tool for logo design and typography. I bookmarked this page as well as other others. I’ll be sure to credit your site once I get mines up :)

  10. Cristhian Bedon Says:

    I kept hearing about “moleskins” I think I might get my own copy now. Seems like a good thing to have when sketching out Ideas.

  11. Toby Cummings Says:

    This looks like a fantastic alternative the regular grid paper and napkins that I’ve been using for sketching. ;-)

  12. Rob Russo Says:

    Sweet! Nice detailed photos convinced me. (Officially added to my wish list.)

    For sketching, doodling or even writing — whatever the use — I’ve always hated those pesky lines. I’ll have to stock up on these.

  13. frebro Says:

    Yeah, I use the Behance-models for drawing icons and UI-elements. Love them!

  14. Brad D Says:

    Yeah, I am getting one! I wanted something with structure but actual grid lines are distracting and somewhat intimidating. This is brilliant.

    Moleskine needs to do this.

  15. Soul Says:

    Hmmm….considering I’m a [email protected], I think I’ll be making my own, but thanks!

  16. RCKY Says:

    Did a similar on my own… really useful!

  17. Matthew Says:

    Ah, I need to pick one of those up! :D

  18. Jesus Says:

    Execelente libro de bocetos! en venezuela no llegan estos libros asi que intentare replicar uno para mi! good post! u put pasion even in a simple post like this one! the few previus lines are in spanish!

  19. Frank Achon Says:

    excellent book to sketch and organize your ideas for a better design

  20. DamirK Says:

    Just what I needed, I’m ordering it now.

  21. Stefan Vervoort Says:

    Just ordered mine! :) I also got the Pocket notebook! http://www.creativesoutfitter......otebook/12

  22. Aetoric Design Says:

    I don’t really have the resources for a moleskin at the moment. Besides, I’ve still got lots of pages in this dollar-store-quality sketchbook I bought last semester.

  23. daphne Says:

    Wow this would be a great book for typography and even modern simplistic art. Though I’d be sorely tempted to find a picture in the dots… =)

  24. Raphael Says:

    I choose my Moleskine. I have my schoolbag system and it’s a grid and spiral bindings don’t go with grids very well. xoxo, Raphael :)

  25. Outlet Says:

    Yes, Moleskine 4ever ;)

  26. g3niuz Says:

    this is great..

    i waaaaaant ;D

  27. frebro Says:

    There’s currently a 15% sale on dot grid books from Behance!

  28. Jacob Cass Says:

    Thanks for that Frebro!

  29. Richelle Says:

    Just ordered mine… can’t wait!!! thanks JAcob

  30. That Guy Designs Says:

    I was sold! Until I saw moleskine… not very cheap here in Canada. :(

  31. K.RajaMohamed Says:

    excellent your ideas for a better design book…

  32. Syd Says:

    Excellent book!

  33. thanks Says:

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    am going through difficulties , now i can make it

  34. Hafiz Shakeel Ahmed Says:

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