Update 2nd September: Competition has ended. Congratulations to Scott.

Logo Designer Blog, in our new partnership with UPrinting.com present you a competition to win 500 free business cards. (For 10% off your next job, you may use this affiliate link.)

All you have to do it is comment on this post letting us know how you will use the prize if you win. Winners will be announced September 2nd.

For some inspiration, check out this post of 400+ creative business cards.

All prize winners will receive:

  • 500 Business Cards
  • Choice of size: 2×3.5”, 2×3”, 2×2″; (If you win, you can choose between 3 different business card sizes!)
  • Choice of paper paper: 14pt cardstock (matte or gloss coating) & 13 pt cardstock uncoated
  • Choice of Color: (4/4) Color both sides; (4/1) Color 1 side , B/W backside; (4/0) Color 1 side, black backside

UPrinting also offer Die Cut Business Cards and ImpactSigns offer can give you a corporate sign with your logo.

Shipping must be paid by Winner and is only valid for USA Shipping.

Good luck!

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67 Comments For This Post

  1. Tyler Kraupp Says:

    As a young entrepreneur, these business cards would help me significantly. I am an 18 year old web design and graphic designer who is planning on joining the Chamber of Commerce in my area. I need these business cards to spread the word of what I can do for companies and in order for me to help other businesses grow, I need to grow mine initially.

    I am also a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh- Online Division looking to get a BA in web design and interactive media.

    The best thing for business owners like myself is a business card. With the specialty of UPrinting, I could have the best there is for the best web design company in the Idaho Falls area, seems appropriate.

    Tyler Kraupp
    [email protected]

  2. Philip Davis Says:

    I would use the business cards to establish credibility with potential clients.

  3. Thomas Says:

    I would use them to hand out my contact info and perhaps an introduction to my design skills. How else do you use a business card?

  4. Jerett Patterson Says:

    I would use these to print my biz cards that I have failed to do up to this point.

  5. Melissa Says:

    I’ve had business cards printed at uprinting in the past. If I won I would have new ones printed with my freelance graphic design information.

  6. casey Says:

    If we win, we’ll donate our design time & these cards to one of our pro-bono clients.

  7. Brentley Says:

    I just got engaged this past week, so I would use these business cards to promote my freelance design work to fund a wedding :)

  8. kelvinwebdesigner Says:

    First of all i love to create/aprecciate business cards.I would use these cards to start my freelance business. I think i would bring a new concept of business card design here in my city. Since i love web/graphic design so much, i think one day i will be able to do that, and these business card would be a great start.

  9. Corey Rondeau Says:

    As a prospective graduate with a degree in Graphic Design I would use the business cards to aid me in procuring employment – be it freelance or something more corporate.

    Not to mention, free business cards means more money to pay off loans.

  10. Joe Lippi Says:

    If I win I will use the cards to finally get my act together and promote my photography to cafes and local galleries around NYC. I’ve been putting it off and it’s what I care about most–this would a much needed kick in the pants :). Thanks!

  11. Brian Klepper Says:

    My company is in need to help out a small local non-profit business, I would like to supply them with a new identity following new business cards and marketing materials. Any bit helps!
    Thanks for the post!

  12. Kayla Chism Says:

    I am graduating in December so I would use the business cards to complete my self promo and aid in finding a job. In this economy, professionally printed business cards would aid substantially in helping my find a job.

  13. Angie Wennerlind Says:

    I would use them for the nonprofit organization that I work for. We are always looking for ways to cut cost, and do so by printing our business cards in-house. But lets face it… we’ve all had enough of wrestling with printers that don’t feed paper right and business cards that tear out from the cardstock.

    We really need an upgrade.

  14. Jake Says:

    500 business cards? I go through that in a week. Not much of a give-a-way for a printing company. Come on, you’re just gonna gang them up with a bunch of other stuff.

    Make it 5,000 cards and I would be interested.

  15. Francisco Says:

    I would use them for my personal business cards. I want to redesign them.

  16. scott Says:

    Oh. This would be a treat. I’m in the process of forming a non-profit and haven’t even been able to afford incorporation, much less business cards. I’ve literally just finished the logo. Having cards would be great and lend me some credibility, increasing my chances of funding and might help to generate some interest in the project. I’m so broke- I can’t afford to pay attention…

  17. Rina Miele Says:

    I’d Use Them For Real Life IMs.

  18. Giselle Says:

    I’m fresh out of cards and haven’t been able to network properly without them!

  19. Daniel Mercado Says:

    Wow can’t believe you’re giving them away because where I come from nothing is free.

    I’m a struggling artist from mexico and crossed the border to have a better life over here, been here for 3 months so far. I started hustling just to make ends meet for awhile and had to do some construction work in order pay developers to make a website for a design business I started with some mexican buddies of mine who are here.

    I designed some cool cards but they’re not cheap to print, has some organic feel to them.

    If I would win the cards I would use them to print the original design and that would make me very happy too.

  20. Abdussalam Says:

    If I get hold of 500 business cards, I am going to write/design 500 public service messages and distribute them to the people to increase public awareness about a number of different problems my country (Pakistan) is facing…ranging from Anti-pollution to Anti-littering short messages.

    I know how much this is important for an under-developed country like Pakistan.

  21. Linda Michelle Says:

    I would use these as a networkong to promote both my freelance design company and justcreative

  22. LIGHTNING Says:

    Will use ‘em to look cool:D

  23. Chris Palmer Says:

    I would use it to launch myself as a graphic designer!

  24. Craig Farrall Says:


    Thanks for holding a great competition.

    I would love to win this prize of 500 business cards, because I am a website designer, who is looking to go freelance very soon, and this would be the perfect starting block for me having business cards to go around all the local businesses.

    So fingers crossed, good luck to everyone else.

  25. Lissie Says:

    Fresh out of school and just started my own studio, am in desperate need of business cards, but i’ve given all my money to adobe…

  26. ralph j Says:

    I will use the business cards voor my clients and to promote my work.
    I want to go for freelance designer.

    The design for de business cards are for 99% ready.
    I’m searching for a few time for a good design and a company where i can print my cards

  27. Heather Graef Says:

    I would hand out the cards to 500 people.

  28. Karpus Says:

    I’d go for the 2×2?, 4 color on both sides. And these cards would help me start the business that I am planning in Traverse City, Michigan. A small town with a lot of potential. It’s all about creating communication.

  29. Otba Mushaweh Says:

    unique 500 Business Cards for unique 500 customers

  30. thaisie Says:

    I want to create it for a new webshop wich i just released with a friend of me.We are going to be sell unique urban products. Great clothing brands with great designs and they will be sold at great prices.

    This shop needs some promotion so we are going to use the businescards as promotion for the webshop..

  31. Michael Says:

    I’d “donate” them to my wife. She’s a poet and could definitely use them to gain an audience.

  32. Sarah Says:

    If won, it’d be perfect timing as I’m currently trying to brand myself for the first time in a desperate bid to bring more creativity to my life with a career change from the dull and dowdy PA to… well… anything!

  33. Brian Cassidy Says:

    I am in the process of REALLY increasing my work load and overhead by launching two more website in addition to the redesign of my personal website. These business cards would be a HUGE help in promoting one of my two new ventures. Hope I win these! I could really use them!

  34. Stanyul Says:

    I would take the cards and make a castle on my dining room table, with the help from my boys. Then I’d take a picture, before my wife knocks it down, and post online and say, “brought to by UPrinting” and ask for other people to create and send in their house of business cards. I bet you’d get some pretty unique houses. That would be cool. Oh, and eventually I would hand them all out.

  35. Mohammad Fuaath Says:

    As I am quite young (13) and designing logos and prints I have loads of local clients looking at me like “He wont design me a good poster/logo” so if I win this, then when I show my client (or anyone else) my business card they will have a very good first impression that I am a very good designer despite my age.

  36. Lamar Ingram Says:

    I would use the cards to help out a small business that is having a hard time in this economy. A lot of small business in my area are about to go out of business, because things have been so good for a long time that they forgot to grow there marketing and image of their business..

    Thus, it’s a marketing on my part. If i can help and save one small business with your cards and my designs than that is start of a marketing campaign for my business.. You can help 2 business out at the beginning with one donation, but ultimately you could be helping an unlimited about of small business, by showing the difference it made with awesome cards..

  37. Josiah Heigel Says:

    I am hoping to use them to give to clients as I am beginning to start some freelance work.

  38. Tim Canny Says:

    I would use them for the new green business my daughter and I are starting.

  39. Brandon Says:

    I would definitely put a plug for U-printing and logodesignerblog somewhere on the card, granted you might need a magnifying glass….

  40. Stacie Says:

    As a professional scientist and patient educator for a fertility medical device company, I would use these cards to promote my true calling as a writer. Then I could pass them out and be all snooty about how multitallented I am. I would love love love to win

  41. Victoria Says:

    As a graphic designer emerging in the community, I would use the cards for self-promotion, to make my place. I graduated this May and am start my first job next week.

  42. Kyle Gallant Says:

    I’m currently in the process of putting together a new portfolio/business site, I’d be using these to help promote the site to possible clients in the area. I’d get a little creative with the way that I distrubte

  43. Jenna Says:

    I’m looking to relocate and find a new job in the next few months, and could use some new business cards to help me get there!

  44. Tye Says:

    I would use these business cards to take the opportunity to update my current cards with something new & fresh. Ready for a good update overhaul :)

  45. Chris Morata Says:

    I will be graduating this Fall, and would absolutely LOVE to have my business cards professionally printed to show off when I apply for jobs! Please help an aspiring designer! I could definitely use these to hand out to clients too!

  46. Tony Says:

    I will use these business cards to plaster my funky, creative design skills upon…and then hand off to anyone and everyone I can find to grow my network. AIGA meetings, business trips, music shows, PR gatherings, and day to day people I happen to cross paths with.
    Did I mention they will be plastered with some funky designs.

  47. James Says:

    I would like to win so that I can see the quality of cards Uprinting has over the printing company that I decided to go with earlier in the year.

  48. Katie Fritz Says:

    I would use these business cards to get a great design job and show off my sweet pattern drawing skills (on the back)!

  49. Octavio Corral Says:

    Because if I win. I will EAT them. With mustard.

  50. Deanna Says:

    I sell paintings online, I would include these business cards in all of my outgoing packages to that my customers can spread the word!

  51. Yalanda Says:

    I am an economist who, after 20 years, have decided to do what she always wanted to do in the first place, and that is become a graphic designer and start a firm. Since I was unceramoniously laid off in November, I have been freelancing full time, and now I am returning to school for a second Masters in Graphic Design at the Academy of Art University.

    If I were to win, I would update my cards to reflect my new web address and ad my awesome new design. I am expanding my network, but my old cards do not have the correct address and in quite unprofessional. Thanks!

  52. Jason Says:

    I am a newly established freelance graphic designer based out of Denver. Cards will be used as leave behind collateral with clients, branded with my new logo. I could really use these cards!


  53. Cathy Says:

    Always updating our biz cards! Never-ending. :)

  54. Briar Says:

    I am currently in the process of switching from the world of corporate architecture to a career in graphic design. I could use some new business cards to drum up my freelance business while I try to figure out how I’m going to pay for school!

  55. David Says:

    Three Words.
    House of Cards.

  56. Raphael D Coccia Says:

    If you don’t win them for free check out my site. We offer 500 for $19.99! Good luck to everyone.

  57. Smith Mrkesh Says:

    thanks for sharing such valuable information in regards of Business Card Designs, hopefully it will be beneficial to others also….

  58. Mark Andrew Says:

    I am searching to backpack and acquisition a new job in the next few months, and could use some new business cards to advice me get there!

  59. Tulip Kiya Says:

    Awesome collection! A great companion article would list some printers/manufacturers where some of these incredible cards were made!

  60. Carrie Says:

    Can’t believe I missed out on your contest. great site though. thanks

  61. andy Says:

    Hi, thanks for the info, its been very informative. I could use thse cards for my offline training business. Ive subscribed to the feed and will look out for some more great info. Thank for putting together such a great site.

  62. Lee Rashad Says:

    These business cards are amazing? I wonder how they were able to get the designs cut out like they did.

  63. Edison Simelton Says:

    The business brokerages network will provide you with access to some large pool of individuals who have the details about companies for sale and buyers or investors looking for any company venture. By making good use in the info you’ve, you might be cutting a offer and make a handsome profit out of the transactions.

  64. Shohel Rana Says:

    I love all of those business cards design so much. All are designed by experienced designers. Thank you so much for sharing.

  65. jack Says:

    I am trying to start my own business…so these cards would come in incredibly handy!

  66. accountants melton Says:

    A great article would you have list some printers/manufacturers oR business where some of these Awesome cards were made!

  67. minza Says:

    Hello, I could use some new business cards to Permanent Embankment Steps drum up my freelance business while I try to figure out how I’m going to pay for school!

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