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If you are interested in writing an article for Logo Designer Blog please contact me (form at bottom of page) with the article you have in mind. Ensure you read the rules at the bottom of this page before contacting me.

What To Write About?

Below are some ideas on what you could write about but please do not limit yourself to these suggestions.

  • Logo Design Process
    Write about your (or someone elses) process of designing a logo.
  • Logo Design Discussion
    An in depth look at one area of logo design, ie. self promotion, copyright, typography, contracts, getting jobs, etc
  • Logo Design Showcases
    Showcase & compile a list of creative and inspiring logo designs.
  • Logo Design Book Reviews
    A review of a logo design related book.
  • Logo Designer Interviews
    An interview with a professional logo designer.
  • Logo Designer Resources
    Compilation of resources for use in logo design.
  • Logo Related Reviews
    Reviews of things related to logo design, ie. websites, forums, etc
  • Logo Design Humour
    Compile, create or feature humorous or fun logo designs or things related to logo design.
  • Logo Design Evolution
    Show how a logo(s) has evolved over time. Rebrands, history of logos, etc.
  • Logo Designer Spotlights
    Have a crush on a logo designer? Why don’t you write an article about him / her?
  • And if you’re up to it, you’re welcome to make a video too!

What do you get in return?

  • You will get a link back to your blog / website / portfolio and a brief 30-50 word bio about yourself at the top of every article you write.
  • You will also get a permanent link to your website and author profile on our about page.
  • If accepted, your article will be featured on the front page of Logo Designer Blog.
  • Your article will be read by thousands of people interested in logo design.
  • A nice giddy feeling.

Guest Article Rules

  1. Prior to writing an article, you should consider contacting me first with your topic idea to get my approval for publishing your post.
  2. Any images you use should be no larger than 585 pixels. If you can, please use the width of 585 pixels for your images and where possible 270 as the height.
  3. Your guest article on Logo Designer Blog must be previously unpublished and cannot be published afterwards on any other sites including your own. You may use excerpts on your own website.
  4. Logo Designer Blog reserves the right to edit/format the article to match this blog’s writing style.
  5. Logo Designer Blog reserves the right to decline the publication of your article. The reasons will be emailed to the author.
  6. Logo Designer Blog reserves the right to set the date of publication.
  7. Please reply to people’s comments left on each of your articles – this builds a better community.

If you’re interested in guest writing for Logo Designer Blog, please use the form below or contact me here.

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